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heima dvd

"heima" will be released on dvd on november 5th in most parts of the world and november 20th in america. there are two versions of the dvd: a regular edition and a special edition with deluxe packaging and a 116 page booklet. both versions of the dvd contain the same material on 2 discs:

dvd disc 1 (the film)

contains the film itself as well as an audio commentary by producer/manager john best. running time: 97 minutes


  1. glósóli
  2. sé lest
  3. ágætis byrjun
  4. heysátan
  5. olsen olsen
  6. von
  7. gítardjamm
  8. vaka
  9. a ferd til breidafjardar 1922 (with steindór andersen)
  10. starálfur
  11. hoppípolla
  12. popplagiđ
  13. samskeyti

dvd disc 2 (extras)

contains full-length live performances of the songs featured in the film, as well as bonus songs (including dauðalagið and new song heima). running time: 217 minutes.


  1. glósóli
  2. sé lest
  3. heysátan
  4. ágætis byrjun
  5. gítardjamm
  6. dauđalagiđ
  7. vaka (snćfell)
  8. vaka (álafoss)
  9. starálfur
  10. heima
  11. rimur
  12. popplagið
  13. hoppípolla
  14. olsen olsen
  15. samskeyti
  16. von
special features:
  • "páll from húsafell" featurette: sigur rós improvise a song on stone marimba in a cave, and an interview with its maker, páll stefánsson
  • "memories of melodies" featurette: sigur rós visit the "memories of melodies pop museum" in bíldudalur
  • "thorrablót" featurette: sigur rós attend a traditional icelandic thorrablót in the town kirkjubæjarklaustur, with ancient rhyme singing on stage
  • interview with the producer about the iceland tour, set to a slideshow of exclusive on-the-road photos





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