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klippa & the 'unique concert artefact'

'klippa' is a short film which shows how we set about creating the 'unique concert artefact' to be included in the 'inni' special edition. we wanted to give everyone a tangible piece of the concerts themselves, but figured some old confetti or a ticket stub wouldn't pass muster. so we cajoled the band into giving up their treasured costumes (more than 'clothes', we think), as worn over the nights of november 20-21, 2008, and decided to cut them up into neat memento mori. In this way, no two people would ever receive the same thing, and everyone would feel part of this reverse creative process, aiming to make something new out of something old.

so, we got together our eclectic team of seamsters, and burned the midnight oil for many a long night, painstakingly pressing (but not washing!) each of the band's outfits, and then then cutting them into neat squares and placing in individually numbered envelopes. the little package was then itself inserted into its own lavish special edition box, along with coloured vinyl 7-inch of the unreleased song 'lúppulagið', 'inni' enamel badge, light sensitive paper (confusing now, but more later) and all the other goodies.

but because there are only four outfits and three pairs of shoes, it's turned out to be a finite resource, entirely governing the amount of special editions we have been able to create. some people have been asking how many there are and when they are going to run out. well, let's make it a bit more interesting, and ask you to guess.

'unique concert artefact' competition

thank you to the many thousands that entered our competition - this competition is now closed and we have contacted the two winners.

so, if you can guess how many pieces of cloth we were able to generate from kjartan, orri, georg and jonsi's outfits as worn at ally pally you can win your choice of either the first or last numbered limited edition, signed by the band, as well as the unique light-sensitive t-shirt in a size of your choice. (clue, whilst it's an inexact science, we tried to keep the pieces around 2-inches square).