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popp í reykjavík

popp í reykjavík (pop in reykjavik) is a film about the vibrant icelandic music culture of the late '90s. it was released in 1998 and features interviews and concert footage of promising icelandic bands like gusgus, bellatrix, maus, ensími, quarashi, botnleðja and sigur rós. sigur rós play ný batterí to a stunned audience. the drum climax is played much heavier and faster than on the album version. the intensity near the end is so immense that we see jónsi's knees almost give way at one point. popp í reykjavík was released in 1998, a year before the release of ágætis byrjun.

a video of sigur rós' performance in the film can be found on the download video page. a number of stills from the video are available here.



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