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takk... in concert

sigur rós began a year-long takk world tour in july 2005, visiting europe, asia, australia and north america, and playing a total of 61 concerts between the months of july and november of 2005. among the venues visited during this tour is the hollywood bowl, a legendary outdoor seated venue of 18.000 seats.

their set usually consists of four to five songs from takk, as well as a mix of the "classics" from ágætis byrjun and ( ). also played regularly is currently unreleased material such as hafssól (revamped), which is likely to be released in the coming months. sigur rós continue touring in 2006 and not until the autumn will they finally take their well-earned break.

please check the tour dates page for the most recent list of upcoming concerts.

tour diary

eighteen seconds is maintaining a tour diary from the takk tour, with comments, setlists, photographs and mp3s from the concerts we are able to attend. we will also be posting highlights from the tour provided by the fan community's contributions on the site's message board. info, setlists, reviews of photos from fans are always welcome at

video clips from concerts

video clips from sigur rós performing live in reykjavk, november 27th 2005.

hoppípolla (1:35 mins / 3.4 mb)
sé lest (2:30 mins / 5.6 mb)
olsen olsen (2:07 mins / 4.7 mb)
heysátan (5:19 mins / 10.8 mb)
untitled 8 / popplagið (7:22 mins / 16.3 mb)

you can watch the full concert stream here.

photos from the takk tour

sigur rós employ a thin silk-screen during the first and last song of their set. (photo by paul mcallister)

amina are the supporting act, as well as string players during sigur rós's set (photo by árni torfason)

jónsi in copenhagen (photo by rune johansen)

video backdrops, made by sigur rós, accompany most the set's songs (photo by hooverdust)

jónsi during svefn-g-englar. the band's set consists of a mix of new and older songs (photo by hooverdust)

bowing after a fantastic concert in new york (photo by björn björnsson)

standing ovation at the boston opera house (photo by björn björnsson)

tour reviews

we regularly add fan reviews, setlists and photos to the tour reviews page.





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