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arctic blast - you oughta know about...sigur rós


reykjavík, iceland

latest album

ágætis byrjun

mathematical description of their sound

(pink floyd x godspeed you black emperor) + air

why we think you should buy their album

to hear the elegant ambient music that's melted even the iciest critics' hearts. the languorous sonic swirls and orchestral arrangements sound like aliens interpreting everything from the beatles to bach.

why they think you should buy their album

"it might do something for you," says singer and multi-instrumentalist [or bassist even] georg holm. "i hope it's a life-changing album. a lot of people come up to us and say the cd completely changed their lives. i think it actually can.

why they're not on top 40 radio

"because some strange man decided that songs on the radio could never be longer than three minutes," says holm. "and i think he should be shot."

odds they'll go platinum

100 to 1

why they think you should listen to them instead of destiny's child

"there's no reason," says holm. "if people like that kind of music, then they should listen to that. we don't want to push our music on anybody. i don't like that music, but it has a right to be there, like ours has a right to be there."

what's next

the ice-men will venture stateside for a tour in september and are working on a new album, due out in 2002.

what they'll be doing in 10 years

"possibly we'll still be playing in the band - that'll be 17 years," says holm. "i don't think we want to become like the rolling stones, even though we've been enjoying this. hopefully, i'll have my own apartment or a house. and a car."

what they'll be doing in 50 years

"maybe the world will totally change and people will listen to our kind of music and everybody'll pick up a copy of our album and they'll finally play us on the radio," says holm. "maybe i'll be a rich man."

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