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for downloading and sharing sigur rós concerts and other non-copyrighted media files, there are a few options you can choose from:


we have created a sigur rós file sharing room (or 'hub') in a simple program called dc++, through which fans can exchange concerts and other sigur rós media files amongst each other. here are easy step-by-step instructions on how to access the hub:
  1. download and install the dc++ client software: windows (3 mb), mac os x (0.7 mb) or linux (size varies).
  2. run the program and fill in your nickname in 'file.. settings'. the rest of the fields are optional.
  3. in 'file.. settings.. sharing', select the folder where you store your sigur rós files for sharing.
  4. next, click on the yellow star icon, then 'new', and fill in 'sigur rós' in the name field and our hub address in the address field.
  5. double-click on "sigur rós" to connect to the hub. if connection problems arise, see * below.
  6. leave the program running in the background if you can. other sigur rós fans will be very grateful.

* having problems downloading?
if you are behind a firewall or router you need to open ports 412 and 413 in your firewall/router settings. then, in settings, tick "active" and fill in your ip address. in the port fields, fill in 413. an alternative is to switch from active to passive mode, but then you won't be able to download from as many users.


here you will find site that provides links to known sigur rós recordings that become available on various torrent sites.


many sigur rós fans use soulseek for concert file trading. you can download soulseek here and search for sigur rós concerts.


the sigur rós ftp site host hundreds of sigur rós concerts and videos.

ftp address:
(username and password: anonymous)

please note that there is a user limit on these sites so you may not get in on the first try. if you get an error message, chances are it's because the site is currently full. also, please note that you can only download one file at a time on these sites.

what is ftp?

note: dc++ and soulseek should only be used for the trading/swapping of files which do not fall under explicit copyright. e.g. live concerts. to do otherwise is at the users own risk and is not condoned by this site.