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record collector review of 'heima'

beautiful documentary-turned-warm tribute to iceland

last summer, iceland's favourite sons decided it was time for change. after two years of relentless touring and four critically acclaimed albums, sigur ros turned their backs on global adoration and embarked on a series of free gigs around their heima (homeland).

directed by dean deblois, this documentary-meets-live footage dvd includes personal accounts and observations from the band, as well as performances from all four sigur ros albums and two exclusive new tracks. but it's the exploration of their country and culture which will appeal the most. shots of them playing abstract venues, such as abandoned fish factories, national parks, ghost towns, art shrines and small community halls provide an intimate insight into iceland's heritage and identity; it also acts as a warning against consumerism and the commercialisation of tradition

for hardened enthusiasts, heima is an aural treat. visually. sigur ros have made clear that iceland is a country to be revered.

(ash dosanjh)



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