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we haven't heard from you in a while, what have you guys been up to?

we've been chilling out, just some business stuff we've been finishing up. we've just signed a deal with fatcat, which is a small record company in england. our album ágætis byrjun comes out internationally in the beginning of july, we've been planning that and we're finally going to make a video to svefn-g-englar. we're in contact with the theatrical group perluna, we've been working on this full time lately and hopefully it's going to be very cool. and orri has just became a father, he's got a little girl and much happiness is going on at his place. hallelujah!

what's the deal with fatcat like?

we're very happy with the deal. we made a rather unconventional deal, it was a license deal in which we got all the rights and did most ourselves. we got an unusually high percentage on record sales and stuff. the deal was to everyone's benefit really, and not just good for the record company like it usually is. especially in iceland, sweet iceland.

we hear you guys have been playing abroad, tell us a little about that and how it's been going

we've been doing pretty well, we've played a few times in denmark and that's always fantastic, great crowd. we toured with godspeed you black emperor! around england, ireland and scotland and that was very nice, I guess. unfortunately we got very short soundchecks out there which was bad but we learned a lot from it. it's also interesting how the crowds in iceland are always much better than the ones abroad, there's always so much chatting there whereas icelanders know how to shut up so we can fly. let's face it, we're not playing noise and we need a little silence to get the right mood.

are sigur rós going to release anything soon?

no we don't think so. we're going to let the world hear our old stuff before we release brand new stuff. like we said, ágætis byrjun comes out abroad in july hopefully and that's new material to them.

has your success changed you personally?

yes and no, more on the inside because the more glares and attention we get the more we escape into the shell and the more introvert we become. nah it teaches you to keep with the material because people's perception changes you automatically, but we are who we are. we try not to let success have affect us but it can be hard sometimes.

do you live off music?

we're not in any regular jobs and we still don't get any real money for sigur rós yet, but the gods are with us and we live on air. trying to live off music in iceland is very difficult because the money comes in when it pleases. hopefully it will come to the point where the music will support us, though that's not really the point. we're having fun and making good music and the money is of course a detail.

what's the plan for the summer?

we're gonna play a few festivals, for example the festival of drifting, roskilde in july and japan in august. then we're thinking about starting to record the next album. we climbed up straumnes mountain and checked out the conditions and if we could record there. we're going to try to record the next album there mostly and it wouldn't be until next year, that is if weather and finances allow.

tell us about krúnk

krúnk was originally founded to release sigur rós albums but it became a label for us to release other music and today krúnk's main objective is to give out good music and think about the artist's benefit. it probably sounds like a typical record label lie but we look at it another way since we ourselves are making music and and we have experience from the right perspective. the goal is simple: to let good music reach as many ears as possible.

what are your feelings about the media?

the media are assholes! most of the time they're obtrusive and inconsiderate. and here's a story about that. [jónsi:] a weekly paper called me on a friday and asked me if I wanted to come to a photo shoot and be on the cover. I didn't want to and simply said no, especially since it was supposed to be me alone. and then the paper came out and they had just cut out an old picture of me and put it on the cover without getting my consent. this is very inconsiderate and this isn't the only example of such. it's like the media don't understand that sometimes maybe you don't want to go to photo shoots or interviews and they react badly and presume you have an attitude or something, without considering that maybe one doesn't care for attention.

what does the future hold for sigur rós?

the future is undecided. we're just continuing being ourselves and doing what we like. making good music from the heart and trying to reach as many ears as we can.




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