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an interview with jónsi, kjartan and orri. courtesy of fatcat records, september 2002.
  1. can you introduce yourselves?(jónsi, kjartan, orri)
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  2. why are there no titles on the new record?(jónsi & kjartan)
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  3. do you think there's been a change in your music since the last album (ágætis byrjun)?(jónsi & kjartan)
    >>listen(394 kb)
  4. how do you create your music?(jónsi)
    >>listen(226 kb)
  5. i see that ken thomas, who helped you with the last album features on this one too. what's your working relationship like?(jónsi & kjartan)
    >>listen(182 kb)
  6. did the success of ágætis byrjun take you by surprise?(jónsi & kjartan)
    >>listen(142 kb)
  7. were you surprised by the scale of the international reaction?(jónsi)
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  8. i've heard there was a lot of competition between usa record labels to release your music in the states.(jónsi & kjartan)
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  9. how was touring with radiohead?(jónsi & kjartan)
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  10. do you think people sometimes approach your music with preconceptions? (jónsi & kjartan)
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  11. your video for the track svefn-g-englar was one of 2001's most memorable. how did it come about?(jónsi)
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  12. tell us about your recent classical piece "óðin's raven magic".(kjartan)
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  13. who is steindór andersen(kjartan)
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  14. where was this piece performed?(kjartan)
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  15. how did you create your live visuals?(jónsi & kjartan)
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  16. will the album be followed by a tour?(kjartan)
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  17. how do you like japan?(jónsi)
    >>listen(230 kb)
  18. what's next for sigur rós?(jónsi)
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