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the times review of 'með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust'


on the cover of this, sigur ross fifth studio album, four young people run, naked, towards distant hills. not everyone who hears this astonishing record will be moved to do the same, but there is a moment that might just impel you to: at the 3.34 mark on within me a lunatic sings, the song, having briefly broken down, explodes back into life as strings, brass and vast percussion re-enter the sound picture. a similar impulse threatens when the hushed, falsetto-voiced festival cedes to a giant orchestral and choral ascent towards the sunlit sonic uplands. the album was recorded live and mixed just a month ago. it has the urgency and raw beauty of something made in a hurry, with love, self-belief and zeal. it is wonderful.

(dan cairns)



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