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this critically acclaimed icelandic space-rock outfit, whose stirring, slow-moving and emotional music has been known to make fans either throw up or pass out -- or both -- in concert, return to record stores on tuesday.

and, no, that isn't a typo -- the symbol () is the title of their latest album, the follow-up to their breakthrough cd, agaetis byrjun, and it has neither a track listing nor liner notes.

the band want their audience to make up their own words to the songs, which are sung in frontman "jonsi" thor birgisson's madeup language of hopelandish.

the idea is to have fans post their interpretations at, with the computer program recognizing the most common words and turning them into lyrics.

confused? don't be. it's just a breath of fresh air in the otherwise all-too-predictable world of rock 'n' roll.

the breathtaking eight tracks, culled from sigur ros' live shows over the last three years, feature birgisson's sweet falsetto as, essentially, another instrument.

lushly filled out by piano, strings and synths, it's a gorgeous listening experience, even if what birgisson is singing is mostly a variation of the same thing from song to song.

(jane stevenson)



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