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in a frozen sea - tour book (april 2007)

artist in residence (a+r), is a quarterly publication that is destined to become the finest purveyor of artist appreciation, the epitome of ultimate fandom. created by music industry veteran jeff anderson, a+r's publication regards the artist it covers with a large degree of intimacy, previously unseen in other media formats. a+r's first book, in a frozen sea: a year with sigur ros, follows internationally renowned band, sigur ros, through their native iceland on the last leg of the 2006 takk world tour. featuring original, striking imagery from the viewpoints of both the fan in the crowd and the fan backstage, the publication presents a unique insight into the artist by way of exclusive interviews and observations.

being the music lovers that they are, the creators of a+r understand the excitement and value surrounding a collector's item and for sigur ros fans, in a frozen sea: a year with sigur ros is absolutely it. the 32-page publication comes encased in a 12" vinyl jacket, and features photography of both the band and the vast icelandic landscape, setting a beautiful context for the band's music. during sigur ros' gratis tour of iceland, the band found themselves playing everywhere from the nation's capitol of reykjavik to small towns in the icelandic countryside, setting up stages wherever they went (with full brass and string ensemble, of course). the publication's images give sigur ros' songs a visual backdrop like no other from behind the stage and beyond the crowd, you see vast mountains, glacier tips, coniferous trees reaching skyward, all blending in with the bend of an azure sky. a+r captures all the details, from information about iceland's most famous musical church (and the stunning photo of sigur ros playing in front of it) to the faces of fans enraptured with the band's live show, to a shot capturing singer/guitarist jonsi in a shoe-less moment on stage, curling his socked toes under as he performs. artist appreciation, indeed.

in a frozen sea: a year with sigur ros is available to order on june 1, 2007 at a+r's website and will also be stocked in select stores. for the true fan, there will be 5,000 limited edition vinyl album collections. this special edition run contains in a frozen sea, as well as three of sigur ros' 12" lp's including agaetis byrjun, ( ), takk and smaskifa, which has yet to be released in a 12" format (seven pieces of vinyl total). these albums have been re-released and repackaged solely for this artist in residence exclusive.

in addition to the publication, a+r offers an interactive web playground for the ultimate fan through the website is the ultimate fan experience, featuring unique loft-style rooms where you can listen to sigur ros' music, screen sigur ros' videos and community flash message boards where fans can interact. in addition, a+r contains a special studio and lounge section for independent and unsigned acts to submit their music, which will ultimately be judged by a+r's panel of judges. for the first book, the judges will include famed producers alan moulder and flood, as well as sigur ros themselves. a small handful of these undiscovered acts selected by a+r's judges will ultimately be presented in a unique showcase in a+r's lounge.


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