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e! review of 'takk...'

grade: a

sigur rós is an unapologetically abstruse band of four icelandic dudes who sing in a made-up language ("hopelandic") and write massive dream scapes of songs. takk... is allegedly their mainstream album, since they now sing in, uh, icelandic and are flirting with more cohesive song structures. from the sounds of it, they're not going to be on any now! compilations any time soon, but that's not the point when the music's this gorgeous. with an emphasis on piano, strings and layered electronic ambient touches, hushed openings swell into furious glory and tearful joy in tunes such as "glósóli" and "sæglópur," even though we have no idea what frontman jon thor birgisson is saying with that high-pitched delivery. better yet, if "hoppípolla" were sung by chris martin and about gwyneth paltrow, it would be the best coldplay song of the year. people will be takk-ing about this truly amazing album for years to come.



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