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christmas song

25 December 2002

sigur ros performed a christmas song in small bar in reykjavík in 1999 and we have an mp3 of it to help you get in the christmas spirit. it’s a cover of the obnoxious icelandic christmas song ‘ég fæ jolagjöf’ (‘i’ll get a christmas present’), based on the melody from ‘feliz navidad’. sigur rós have, of course, stretched out the song so much as to make it almost unrecognisable, making it a strong contender for one of the least christmassy christmas songs ever :) ég fæ jólagjöf sigur rós cover (9.0 mb) ég fæ jólagjöf original (2.8 mb) the song’s breathtaking lyrics are worth mentioning: “ég fæ jolagjöf / jólajólagjöf / einn pakka frá afa og ömmu / og líka frá pabba og mömmu” = “i’ll get a christmas present / a christmas christmas present / one present from grandpa and grandma / and another from father and mother”.

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