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ágætis byrjun 10th anniversary

12 June 2009

ten years ago today ágætis byrjun was released in iceland. to celebrate the album and its impact we have put together a new ágætis byrjun section that aims to chronicle the album, its recording, its impact and its legacy. we did some poking around and dug up articles from icelandic newspapers from 1997-1999, talked to people who were there when the album was being recorded and found a previousily unheard three track promo from 1999. in the section we also highlight some extended versions of the songs, show some interesting background videos from 1998, 1999 and 2000, have lots of pictures from that era, the svefn-g-englar video (and the “making of” video), the viðrar vel til loftárása video and some behind the scenes pictures, press reviews, album ordering information, a little teaser about a deluxe edition and of course, a competition. keep an eye on this section as there is more material to come over the coming days/weeks. also, if you sign up for this mailing list, you’ll recieve a free mp3 from the launch concert of ágætis byrjun (from june 1999) aswell as a video from the same concert. well worth it.

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