eighteeen seconds before sunrise átján sekúndur fyrir sólarupprás

eighteen seconds before sunrise is run by darren webb.

the site was founded in early 2000 by paul mcallister, with help from björn erlingur flóki björnsson and chris wray – darren joined the staff a few years later.

we started the site as an unofficial fan site, but from 2009 onwards it is now the official sigur rós site. we work closely with band, management and record labels to ensure uniquely privileged access to sigur rós and their work.

we hope this site meets your high expectations. feel free to send us a line if something’s on your mind.

credits viðurkenningar

maintained by: darren webb

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thanks to: goggi, jónsi, kjarri and orri…fatcat’s dave c, alex k and marcus…john best, storme, bad taste (smekkleysa), dean, simon and edna at bestest, michael zeltner, bjarni eiríksson, francois levrier, lupus nensén, cécile pierret, roars, sebastien de wagter, hörður sveinsson, christian bjølseth, tom williams, aðalsteinn hákonarson, stan merlevede, gunnar theodór eggertsson, björn swift, haukur heiðar hauksson, hilmar örn hilmarsson, eysteinn björnsson, amadeep chana and everyone else who has helped with and contributed to the creation and upkeep of this site.

the above credit list was written in april 2008, perhaps one day we’ll update it!