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sigur rós would like to apologise to anyone disappointed not to see the band’s bestival performance live online last night. early in the day a decision had been made to delay broadcast till after the show to give the band a chance to review the footage ahead of webcast, since they were dismayed that their guaranteed “darkness” slot had been pushed into daylight by the expansive demands of the headliner. the band’s only uk show of the year, this would-be highlight of the 2012 calendar, would have to be conducted without proper lights or visuals. sadly then, a perfect storm of production issues and technical problems conspired to mean that the band went on to have a thoroughly miserable experience on stage too. and to spare everyone’s blushes a decision was made to draw a discrete veil over proceedings. sorry, but we can be so much better than what you missed. another time, for sure.


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  1. … if sigur ros pulled out 40 minutes before the show and said they already played down the road somewhere, I’m sure you’d be crushed too. money has nothing to do with it.

  2. This kind of thing infuriates me. Really, Sigur Ros, you played badly because your time slot was moved up and you couldn’t have a light show? Who the hell cares? If the quality of your live MUSICAL performance is in any way dependent upon it being dark enough so you can have some expensive lights blinking on and off, you’re doing it wrong.

  3. df, really? Have you never seen a Sigur Ros performance? Have you not seen Heima? Can you not read? There were technical problems along with the time slot issue. Are you whining because you didn’t get something that was going to be free anyway?

  4. 100% agree with you rod. Even so: James, it was still amazing, wasn’t it!

    Absolutely the right decision not to stream it. I was at Bestival and so SO angry that they’d had them begin before dark. Completely undermined the chance for pure magic. Sigur Ros was the main reason I spent twelve hours travelling to the island. Please come back to a UK festival that will do you justice. Although I must say you were still incredible guys, and still gave me more joy and wonder in 90 minutes than I have experienced in many months. So takk anyway!

    On behalf of the idiot organisers, I am sorry. We could have lost an hour of Stevie Wonder pushing his evangelical bible bullsh*t and had a transcendant festival experience instead.

    News of the tour was the perfect antidote to returning home tired, smelly and a little bit sad though!

  5. The show was freakin awesome. We left afterwards to beat the crowds. Was on a high the remainder of the night.

  6. Having seen you guys numerous occasions before, let me say that although my first comment of “It would be awesome if they were playing later and it was dark” you guys really were beautiful…

    Technical issues aside (can’t say I noticed more than one) our position at centre audience to the right was fab, you guys really sounded awesome…

    I’m sorry you felt you didn’t have a good experience at Bestival… but if you read the forums elsewhere you will see that your set was still powerful and beautiful for so so many of us…

    Big love, Emma xx

  7. best 90 minutes of my life and i feel honoured to have been there. i have respect for you being so passionate about your overall performance that you considered this not up to standard, but even you not up to standard had me in tears. looking forward to the full experience in march. hope it doesn’t put you off us. much love x

  8. Was disappointed that the Slot wasn’t during the darkness but was still mind-blowing. The only reason I went to Bestival was to see Sigur Rós and I wasn’t disappointed but must say I would rather have seen them in concert. The set was gorgeous but the majority of people near me were watching to see Stevie wonder after so didn’t appreciate what was happening in front of them. I was in tears due to the beauty of the set and so were a few others around me. Big well done but condolences also. Xxx

  9. Let’s make one thing clear..


    …except for the band apparently.

    oh well sorry to hear that.

    Thanks for coming and blowing our minds anyway :)

  10. I would firstly like to say, with all my heart; Thank you Sigur Rós. And thank you again. It saddens me to hear your experience playing Bestival was not a good one, I wish to let you know that my girlfriend and i were filled with such happiness and joy watching from the crowd. I am glad there are musicians in the world that care so passionately about their live performances that it makes them miserable to be unable to fulfil their vision. We could sense the tension and knew there must be some problems. We did however not care, for to us, it was beautiful and i will hold it with me for the rest of my life.

    When we visited Norway earlier this year to witness the Northern Lights it was Sigur Rós we listened to almost exclusively. I had tears of joy watching you on Sunday night, it all blended together and is difficult to explain how powerful an affect it had. I look forward to being able to witness your show with the full force of your creative vision. I will not be missing out on your UK tour.


  11. I too went only for this, went twice actually as had left my ticket behind! And it was worth it… incredible feelings and sounds out of this world. Will for sure be first in line for tickets for your UK tour. Sorry about the issues, that Bestival organisers said they had tried to book you for years then to screw up is shameful and they should be thinking about what experience they are trying to promote.
    I will be listening to you, I imagine, for my whole life.
    Peace. Shannon.

  12. I’m really sorry that the band did not enjoy the experience and I can understand why.
    None the less, it was still the most wonderful musical experience of my life, and I’ve had a quite a few at 48.

    I feel privileged and honored to have seen you and hope I can do so again next year.

    Thank you so much :-)

  13. I’m really sorry you feel the need to apologise for whatever went wrong in your show but believe me, it was the greatest moment of my life. I have no resentment or ill will towards any of the band (maybe Rob da Bank and Stevie Wonder).

    It was an absolutely wonderful performance and I consider myself to be very lucky to have seen you live. I hope you’re not too upset with what happened as I’m sure the many thousands of people that saw you will agree that it was an outstanding, beautiful performance.

  14. Myself and the 10 group of people I was staying with all decided that the 90 mins of your set was the greatest thing we’d ever heard or seen. Throughout the set we were all visibily emotional and at the end of your set 2 of our group fell over they were so inspired. I returned home to find that Sigur were not happy with their performance but I can tell you now that until I see you again I don’t think I’ll ever experience anything so beautiful.

  15. A class performance by some of the best musicians playing at Bestival.So atmospheric,just what was needed for a Sunday night.This music is totally unique . pure magic

  16. I thought the whole performance was incredible, despite technical issues and it being daylight – I had no problem with these at all, the only issue I had was zoning the morons out that were not appreciating the music and talking around me instead. You were amazing, and I look forward to seeing you again! Xx

  17. I thought the whole experience was incredible and I would like to thank you all for putting up with all the issues you faced- despite all of these, you made my Bestival. I came only to see you and it was well worth the wait all weekend. Thank you for being such an inspirational group.
    I cant wait to see you all again for a performance in your home country- Iceland- for my birthday this fall.

    Þakka þér. Njóttu restina af ferðina þína.

  18. I have to say I could see there were some technical difficulties going on but I hadn’t realised it had upset the band so much, other than kicking the drums at the end and walking off, I’d just thought that was you guys being rock stars :) Despite the problems the music was still incredible, the first time a band had brought a tear to my eye, only to tuen round and see another guy crying. Just incredible music. Can’t wait to see you again. Tom

  19. It’s hard to put into words how utterly amazing this band are, nobody even comes close. I was there at Bestival and LOVED the show, at times I just broke down, the pure intensity and beauty was too much to handle. The show was in my top 5 gigs of all time- lights of no lights.

    Whose idea was it to put them second on the bill to an idiot who is only concerned bringing religion and politics into their set. Shame on you Bestival.

  20. I travelled down on the day with my 12 year old daughter just for your show, and was not disappointed. Sure it would have been great in darkness, but believe me guys, daylight and technical difficulties did nothing to detract from what was a stunning show, as always.

    My daughter absolutely loved her first experience of the band ( we saw Jonsi at Birmingham two years ago to the day ) and now she can’t wait for the shows in March.

    Takk and see you real soon x

  21. I am still absolutely blown away by what I witnessed on Sunday, and to hear it may not have been the whole thing intrigues me; but I cannot deny the sonic masterpiece that I was privileged to encounter on the weekend. Either way, thank you.

  22. rude is the only word i can think of when you mention Stevie Wonder as merely ‘the headliner’.when (and if) you ever manage to produce as much work as he has then we can have a word on it.

  23. You guys were one of the main reasons I went to Bestival this year so was both disappointed and surprised to discover you were on at such an early time. This was the first time i’ve seen the band and considering their calibre was expecting them to be a headliner.
    For such atmospheric music I can see the importance the visual effects must play in their set and was similarly disappointed by the lack of darkness as the set started. Still they didn’t dissapoint with their sound being that which transported me most all weekend to another world. Hadn’t appreciated the power of the crescendo’s within their music “Festival” was appropriately glorious and from an audience viewpoint the sound seemed perfectly mixed. The band might feel playing in daylight detracts from their performance but it threw up some lovely moments, gazing up as a patch of sky lit up gold from the sun finally emerging from the grey just as ‘Olsen Olsen’ neared its end felt like a truly special moment.

  24. I can see both sides of the story here. The first comment I made when the band came on was ‘This band should definitely be on at night’, as they were at Benicassim a few years ago, which was a beautiful and inspiring performance.

    The other issue was that there was loud bass drum sounds emanating from the nearby dance tent that spoiled some of the quieter moments of the set, which is a problem when you are listening to a band so reliant on dynamic/volume contrasts such as Sigur Ros.

    I noticed some technical issues at one stage, there was an uncomfortable delay and the band looked annoyed at the situation.

    Despite this I wish to echo the previous sentiments from other Bestival attendees – despite the lack of darkness and the technical issues I found the show beautiful, inspiring and heartwrenching. I fought back tears through much of the show, and felt slightly better about my emotional turmoil when I noticed a very intoxicated man to my right openly weeping whilst trying to sing at the same pitch as Jonsi. Whenever anyone asks me for my highlight of Bestival 2012 I will always answer – Sigur Ros.

    Thank you for delivering what the crowd thought was a great performance despite the various issues.

    See you in Manchester 2013.

  25. I was there in the crowd after waiting 8 years to see you perform live and despite the problems you seemed to be having I was stunned by how amazing you sounded. I wept like a baby. The only disappointment was the fact that I hadn’t managed to see you sooner but I plan to make up for that next year. Thank you.

  26. I was there and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It might not have been what they wanted but them playing as the sun set was fantastic and it was one of the best live experiences I’ve had.

  27. one of the main reasons i went to bestival and without sounding cringe, was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. was a perfect show in my opinion. sun going down on a moody sky line, wrapped up in my special festival coat huddled with my boyfriend. truly incredible stuff guys. see you in 2013

  28. You where the only reason i went bestival and my absolute highlight. Can’t wait until you’re back. <3 <3 <3

  29. i enjoyed every minuite of the gig it was awesome even with the technical gliches i loved it :)

  30. I agree with every one here, was so very moving. Second time I’ve seen you and instantly got a ticket for march.

    It makes me sad that you didn’t enjoy bestival, it was my 7th time there and i really do love it. Many of my musical highlights have been there, bjork last year, jonsi the year before, and sigur ros this year has joined them.

  31. I was gutted because I couldn’t go to Bestival this year, the only reason was because I wanted to see Sigur Ros so this does make me feel a little better. Have just booked tickets to Brixton Academy next March so really can’t wait to see the show!and seeing it streamed from Bestival mught have spoiled the surprise. When I saw Sigur Ros at Latitude they were the best best performance ever experienced in my life. Let’s hope they come back to Latitude again where the organisers will understand how wonderful Sigur Ros really are. Having seen Jonsi’s magical tour I can see that the magic is continuing and getting even better.

  32. Not exactly a professional response your “statement”. I watched your performance not knowing anything about you whatsoever so was entirely open to what you had to offer. What struck me in contrast to just about every other act at Bestival was your total lack of interaction with the crowd other than to complain that you had some “technical difficulties” at one point. You could have even explained at the start that you would have preferred to have performed in the dark, but surely your music should be able to stand up on its own without other effects, and I must say that although not my cup of tea I felt it did. To blame it on one of the most iconic musicians and humanitarians of his generation is disrespectful to say the very least. When you have achieved a 10th of what Stevie Wonder has achieved both as a musician and human being then you will be in a position to “demand” what you want when you are the headline act at a festival. The vast majority of the crowd in front of you some 30,000 were waiting to see Stevie Wonder, they wouldn’t have been impressed to have had his peformance compromised for yours. I wish you well in the rest of your career, but perhaps you should reflect on your lack of respect for a true legend.

  33. Sigur Ros, although you had a miserable time on stage, we sure did not in the crowd. I bought a bestival ticket as soon as i heard the news you guys would be there and you didn’t let me down. I made sure i got to the front an so glad i did! I loved glosoli and popplagid. I’ve bought myself a ticket for the UK tour and would love it if you include Andvari into your set list :) thanks for an amazing experience!

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