sigur rós 2013 tour

istora senayan
jakarta, indonesia



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  1. AMAZING !!!





  2. for me this is dream come true to see you guys perform live in front of my eyes. this is very very very amazing!

    like all my friends said 2 hours is too short! haha
    come to indonesia again!!!!!

  3. your concert last night was so amazing, i was speechless with your magical concert. Great and super cool concert i’ve ever seen!!! Thank you Sigur Rós, comeback soon to Indonesia. Takk :)

  4. The best concert i’ve ever seen!!!
    It’s a spiritual concert!
    Ur music always make me fell comfort.

    I’ll wait for another concert in Indonesia!

  5. Best Gig in 2013

    I know this band when I’m in college right now. This is very unique grup and such an small orchestra but beautiful pure sound. I’m not a really big fans of concert. Maybe you have a friend who always attending all concert no matter genre. Such a lifestyle for them. And me, I’m just a music lover who love incredible concert. Enough. And Sigur Ros, Oh God I waited this when july 2012. So dissapointed when they were not coming in Jakarta. Only in Singapore and Malaysia.
    and I heard that news when february 2013 they would be come in my country. So fucking happy. I bought that ticket in heaven records in Bandung. Altough I live in Bogor hahaha because I bought that with my girlfriend, Shabrina :)

    Okay, stop with this shit.
    Last night BEFORE concert was so really bored and dissapointed. Ticketing administration sucks, waiting so long for open gate. You know, RUBBERCLOCK (jam karet). And after waiting in 9.00 PM Jonsi and friends sing with boundary fabric. Party started. It’s for lighting video effect. Simple but awesome. Never saw that in my life before. Aaaannddd when Ny batteri reff (2nd song), that fabric was falling down. So many screaming, clapping, lighting, silencing, hoppipola koor, olsen olsen koor. One point from this gig. THEY ARE REAL. Jonsi, Goggi, and Orri looked smiling when people singing. This is really rare, and I never see them smile like that in YouTube. Indonesian viewers love sing along I think. Not like some other countries who prefer only stand up, listening deeply, eargasm and other shits. That made really sense for them. But Indonesian viewers is really different. Hopppipola successed make jonsi and Goggi panic and impressing. And sometimes I see girl and other boy looks so sleepy and not enjoying. I really wanted to say with them “hahahaha, such a socialite activity to watch many gigs, not actually Sigur Ros listener”.

    After many songs and encore (Glossoli and Untitled 8) the battle began. Battle for guitar pick, drum stick, setlist, and others. Not lucky. I didn’t get that all. But, that night was really awesome. Thank you Sigur Ros, promotor, additional player, and whoever held this nice live music. Perfect night, perfect concert, perfect sound, and perfect vissual effect. See you next time Jonsi and friends.

  6. Takk sigur rós..það var dáleiðandi..elska það!!
    Best concert ever!! Feels like in heaven..aching and soothing in the same time..being amazed from the beginning ’til the end! Awesome..anything you named it..hahaha

  7. incredible performance from you guys here in Jakartaaaa….
    thank you for an amazing journey through 14 + 1 setlist…
    takk Jonsi, Orri, and Georg and of course the additional players back there they were amazing!!!
    come back soon,
    takk Sigur Rós…..

  8. Amazing and “MAGICAL” performance as always, takk Sigur Ròs!! Two times is just not enough to see You all on stage.I need more…

  9. beyond satisfaction.. more than epic happiness…
    *dont know how to describe anymore.


  10. The concert was super duper awe-awe-awesome! You’ve got magic in your music, you rise our mind up and brought us to the out of the world, that was so majestic.
    The night was magically outstanding, thank you so much for giving all of us the amazing 2hrs in our lives and the best concert I ever seen! The visualisation, the audiovisuals, the whole concept, the instruments, those were brilliantly wonderful!
    Thanks for coming, wish you would hold the concert for twice in Indonesia!

    Best kindly regards
    Sasongko, Ica Wuryandari
    @Wryndr — lastfm: IcaWS

  11. Hello Sigur Ros…mmmmm…I was spechless when I saw you in front of my eyes..
    I couldn’t move on from that’re all so genious.. :’) happiest to see you all, Jonsi, Oriii, and Georg, and all musicians.. Best concert ever, best visualization, best of all. Aw, damn! My tears’s falling down when I submit this comment. So magical. Can u replay the gig? See you Sigur Ros..

  12. It’s like dream come true broh !!
    i was spechless when all of you perform in front of my eyes !!!!!
    i was crying when VAKA and HOPPIPOLLA song !
    That was an epic concert I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much SIGUR ROS ! HATUR NUHUN PISAN ! þakka þér !!
    see you sigur ros !
    Komdu aftur fljótlega í Jakarta, vinsamlegast!
    Ég elska þig !!!

  13. absolutely totally epic.
    great music, performace,lightning, visualization.

    i love Sigur Ros, we Love Sigur Ros,
    INDONESIA Love Sigur Ros.

  14. Hello Sigur Rós!
    You guys are my history. The best night in my life. I cried three times in the concert. All of you are too good to be true. What a magical moment. Everything was just perfect. Veryone has their own character when bringing a song.

    Anyway, I hope Orri, Jónsi, Laufey, and Kari still remember me. I’m the one who talked to you in the bar after concert. Seripisly I still can’t believe that. Orri told me about his son and how he was surprised with the fact that Indonesia has 17k islands haha. And Jónsi, I can’t believe hugged me!

  15. Saw a glimpse of heaven on May 10, 2013. It was a magical moment and unbelievable. A whole package of great musical, visualization and performance.

    Indonesia love you, SIGUR RÓS!

  16. i love you! i want to play with you. with the band. with your music.

  17. words cannot describe. best concert i ever had. magical!

    2 hours is not enough…

    still thanks a lot sigur ros for coming!

  18. You guys are awesome,the concert was great!!!!! I hope you guys will come again to Indonesia … I am….no…we are waiting to see you again….next month perhaps xixixixi
    Thank you for your unforgatable magical concert….

  19. It such tortures for you ask us how much we like the show. I cannot make any phrase to describe your performance w/o degrading its value. The show stimulated our senses and provoked emotion at the same time, such an audiovisual-spiritual journey. That was my second time to see you live and I am proud for that magical moment happened in my own country…
    Takk, thank you, terima kasih, hatur nuhun, Sigur Ros (and team)!

  20. I’ve been waiting for so long to see you guys, i used to think it was only a dream. But last night, it felt like i finally woke up and fell a sleep again, dreaming with my eyes open. Your music, it brought me to another place beyond real and fantasy. Beautiful. Thank you Sigur Ros!

  21. I just want to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to witness such a magical performance. Saeglopur was……..beyond words. It was my favorite song, it’s always been, and when it was played live, I could barely contain myself, I was practically holding on to my boyfriend for some reassurance that this is real. Anyway, my boyfriend is the biggest fan of yours, he actually tracked you down to Jl Surabaya and took a picture with you guys. Thanks so much for making all of this real for him, this means so much to us :)

    You guys are awesome! Everything during the concert make me cant sleep!
    Takk Sigur Rós!
    Ég elska ykkur öll!

  23. Expedition in the New Dimention, New World – Sigur Rós Live in Jakarta

    Fri 10 May – Sigur Rós perform realyy stunning.

    They were in Jakarta with new lighting concept for the first time, this is very impressive because all the effects are visible visualization makes us feel in another dimension somewhere far, far and really far~
    All beyond my expectations, the mix of lighting concept (visual) and their heavenly voice (audio) made ??me really feel far was in a dream land.

    In some songs they performed, as one of them “Olsen Olsen” (one of my favorite songs) they can create an atmosphere of its own, as they can tell, and describe their beautiful land to my face. By chanting the songs they sing, they like to talk indirectly “this is our land/country (Iceland), yes, like this” (as part played flute – Olsen Olsen).

    Foolish to those who can not come to enjoy, especially for those who can not come simply because the problem ticket (price). I own here is someone who bought tickets Sigur Ros by borrowing money (no matter how I did borrow money).
    Here the ticket price will be forgotten once you come and enjoy to be a part of Sigur Rós, because they are a band that truly rare in this world (arguably the only one) that has a unique musical chanting (Hopelandic), a unique language (Icelandic), unique appearance, a unique musical genre (+ Post Rock)

    From the opening song to the end, Sigur Ros still performed very well.

    There are no words that I can say to describe the atmosphere and nuances that occur in the Sigur Rós concert yesterday.
    All the flavors I tasted there, I can only express in the form of this expression.
    : ‘)

    Thank You to Sigur Ros who had come to Jakarta, Indonesia.
    You have made a little heaven of the world to my face, to my life.
    Terima Kasih


  25. The greatest concert that i’ve ever seen. Your live perform package was completed from the visualization, your music, and tracklist. Superb!!!can wait to see another Sigur Ros concert in Indonesia. Please give us another chance to see Sigur Ros Magical Concert shortly…

  26. 2nd time i’ve seen you guys.

    amazing night.

    was freaking out when you played ‘ísjaki’ during soundcheck and had an ultimate fangirl moment until people around me were staring at me hahah. it wasn’t on the setlist, unfortunately.

    the crowd was //crazy//.

    we even sang along to the bass line of ‘festival’ and the flute part in ‘olsen olsen’, goggi and jónsi were exchanging smiles all the time oh it was hilarious.

    the new songs were most specifically really næs. started off with ‘yfirborð’. my personal favourite of the new songs was ‘kveikur’. couldn’t stop looking at orri during that song haha

    and then in popplagið. everyone went wild. orri was MAD on the drums. goggi, who’s a little shy at most shows also went mad. it was super kreisí. jónsi knocked the mic stand AND a lightbulb stand.

    the crowd was cheering “we want more! we want more!”. god.

    here´s the funny part: at the backstage door, the band & backup players & crew were getting on the car. there were fans waiting by the door with albums and posters and markers. goggi was kind and brave enough to walk to us and sign some things (!!!).

    jónsi & orri? langsung capcus. they wanted to get away & avoid the crowd and so the car went INSIDE the room, THROUGH the door. oh my god.

    turns out they went to camden bar (which is, really, JUST 15 minutes from my house) and had an afterparty. djammið og sjitt. was too worn out to go there tho.

    takk fyrir að koma!


    I love you guys so fucking much. I WANT MORE.

  28. I really like the idea of the light bulbs and cameras everywhere to shoot the player’s expression and be a part of the visual.I like how you use all the lighting to bring the music really ‘alive’.You gave the audience a total art performance. Takk!!

  29. everyone else has already said what i need to say about how the show went.

    but personally, i wanna thank 11 of you and all the crew for the magical, lifetime experience, that has changed my life. my soul is blessed. my life is complete. i don’t even care if i’ll be dead in any seconds cause i’d die in peace. sekali lagi, terima kasih banyak sigur rós.

    ps: kiss kjartan hólm for me please :)

  30. Hello Sigur Ros! Words can’t describe how your performance was! It was not only the best concert i’ve ever attended but also the best day in my life.

    I know your music through my brother and too bad he couldn’t make it to the show. Too bad. But, i brought his Sigur Ros’s photo book to get signed. And I can’t believe that Jonsi and Orri gave their signature! But there was a little mistake, Orri wrote my name “HAMMA”, it should be “HANNA”. But it was okay, perfect! And oh, they also signed my two albums and my id card!

    I hope Orri, Kari, Laufey, and Jonsi remember me. Me with my two other friends had a nice chat at the bar after the show. I was really surprised when Orri said, “Look! This is my son” and shown me his handphone! I can’t believe Jonsi hugged me! Please come back again to Indonesia! Takk fyrir!

  31. What a Great Show guys!.
    See you very soon.., see you next year, a year after next year, 3 years from now, every year!. make it annually. :)

  32. That concert just like a good dream with my eyes wide open.

    Terima kasih, Sigur Ros. :)

  33. for 30 yrs of my life, i only attended 2 concerts and all is yours. and im not interested with others. your performance both in singapore and jakarta were so.. i cannot name it. it just beyond words..

    thank you for coming to our country, our city jakarta.
    i hope you will always list jakarta or other city in indonesia every time you arrange for a world tour.

    see you next time; i pray for it.

    takk fyrir
    terima kasih


  34. It’s my second Sigur Rós live after last year’s one in Singapore, and I think your performance in Jakarta was the best music gig I’ve ever been in my life. Craving for the third time and fourth and so on.

    Recorded some of the songs played that night. Still get enchanted every time I play it.

    Hoppípolla + Með Blóðnasir
    Kveikur + Festival

    Wish to see you again real soon, Sigur Rós! Takk fyrir, terima kasih. :)

  35. Musical heaven.
    Visually stunning.
    Absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and one incredible concert.

    I was in tears, I was all smiles, I was enraptured over and over.

    Thank you for giving me a magical birthday moment.

  36. The night that i will never forget in my life, it was just beyond words.. tell me it’s too much, but i was almost in tears…
    Too epic, too beautiful, magical… magical..
    Thank you so much guys, until we meet again :)

  37. Whoaaaaaa… It was ridiculously AWESOME!

    The lighting was astonishingly beautiful, the visuals were beyond imagination, and the music was like embracing my soul

    I closed my eyes to feel the magical music (like I always do when listening the music), but I was wrong, it was better when your eyes were opened!

    Thank you Sigur Ros, for changing my life, for expanding my perspective in musics, for beautifully playing music endlessly, and for coming to Jakarta. We always love you and I think it is time to pre-order Kveikur! Yay!

  38. Last time when i Saw you in Singapore, I thought it was the coolest performance ever that i would never get the chance to experience the same thing for the second time. BUT I was totally wrong!! Jakarta Show was successfully dried hundreds of people tears. I understand seems so easy & substantial -at the same time-, after seeing your performances. and always bring a positive impact personally.

    I will never forget the evening when i met you guys in the hotel. all the best, and i do really hope to see you in persons sometime in the future…

  39. it was the best night ever in my life !!
    it was the best concert i’ve ever seen !!
    i can’t fight my tears when i see you, when i feel you.
    you guys are so genius, briliant, amazing, superbe..
    thank you sigur ros, for the spirit that i can feel everytime in my whole day, for giving me the new perspective on music, for everything.

    please come back soon to Jakarta.

    thank you
    terima kasih :)


  41. when everyone clapped and shouted in the end of songs, I wiped tears. words can no longer describe .



  43. It was my second times watching sigur ros live in concert. I was blowned away. The concert was super amazing and magical. The concept, sound, the videography, the setlist, the crowd all super amazing. I cried, am amazed, even non of them can describe how i feel when am watching you guys. It was superb. Thank you so much for stopping by to indonesia. I can’t wait to buy your new album and watch your other concert.


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