sigur rós 2013 tour

istora senayan
jakarta, indonesia



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  1. Thank you very much for being amazing guys. It was my second time seeing Sigur Rós and the experience was ethereal. Being transported to a place that only exists in people’s imaginations, you three and the supporting musicians along with the lighting, visuals and atmosphere somehow managed to make imagination tangible. And for that, I thank you from the depths of my soul.

    Highlight of the performance: Walking into the venue and noticing the veil that was put up on stage (similar to the Glósóli performance featured in Heima). Didn’t experience that in Singapore, which was another amazing experience altogether (they controlled the weather like the Gods they are! Haha!) And experiencing Ný Batterí live was out of this world. Goosebumps leading up to the kabuki veil drop and then I needed to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

    Everything was surreal. Sigur Rós is such an exceptional band.

    Next up: Iceland!

    Takk fyrir.

  2. 2 hours is too short for your amazing concert.

    The best concert i ever seen.

    I”m crying and hipnotized by your performance guys.
    It was beyond magical from the beginning to the end.

    And i hope someday you’ll be comeback to Indonesia
    and perform at Mount Bromo. woaah it could be awesome i think.

    Thank you. Thank you for everything.

  3. It was beyond comprehension, let alone description.
    Words cant describe what you guys were doing to Istora, to us, to each of our soul.

    Thank you, Sigur Ros.

  4. Firstly, I personally thank all of you for making such magical tunes. You guys are probably the only band I love without even thinking about what your lyrics really means. Whether it’s Icelandic or Hopelandic, and hell even when you mumble about random things… It doesn’t really matter.

    There are no sufficient words to describe how I felt that day. It was intense, dazzling,both audio&visually orgasmic. This probably the best concert experience I had so far.

    It wasn’t just an experience, it was also a spiritual journey. It was surreal and magical, and makes you feel content at once.

    Takk, Sigur rós.

  5. an epic concert!! still twisted in my head. you’re all perfect and did a great job in jakarta. and for the after party, its a really privilege to me you’re all want to shareD fun and laugh at my place. We’ll always open for all of you guys.. thank for all, it’s a best memories that we ever had. Thank You!


    – @camdenJKT
    – @dvidchris30

  6. Thank you for unforgettable concert in Jakarta Indonesia, loving your musical since 5 years ago and named my second daughter Keianna Heima kanya after watching your Heima DVD, its been great experience coming to your concert

  7. This is what I called musics orgasm, thousand peoples blend in auditorium which have been hypnotized to a magical and spectacular concert, musically heaven with visually stunning for 2 hours by Sigur Ros performance. Then we all turn into climax circumstance.

    we could said that this is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and one incredible concert ever. We all felt tears, smiles, enraptured, and goosebumps spread all over into one feeling. this is Incredible, hilarious, so fuckin’ amazing, and beyond words.

    What else should i say… i can’t even described again. Here’s some pictures, that i took when the concert begin.
    I publish 2 videos, Hoppipola and Glosoli, and article with photos. You all welcome, to visit my blog.

    I would like to say thanks to all of you and the crew for the magical lifetime experience, that has changed our life.

    it gave me some new inspiration, and another interpretation to good quality of musics performance. Awesome! I got the big O.

    Thank you very much Sigur Rós.

    We love you. hope to see your performance again, soon.

    – silciacera

  8. the beautiful and epic concert I’ve ever seen, although i already saw you guys on fort canning, Singapore, but last Friday in JKT.. I even could cry by now for just remembering it.. Takk, Sigur Ros! :)

  9. I wish I could come to the concert to appreciate clare invitation given to me, but unfortunately, I have a fatal accident. But I hope to get an invitation to make a videoclip for them. I hope. Success for SIGUR RÓS WORLD TOUR!

  10. SIMPLY THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE IVE EVER BEEN TO! It was audiovisually and emotianally remarkable!!! I got chills and held-back tears the whole time. Wish to see you guys live again another time. Thank you so much for your existence, Sigur Rós, Ég elska þig enn meira!

  11. When i saw you guys had a gig in my town
    It was kinda seeing my life flashbacking on my mind
    I know what i wanna do in my life and
    I know for sure who i will going to be.. you catalysed my dreams wink wink ;) i wof you guys always

  12. thank you so much for coming and made such a total brilliant performance. thank you for your appreciation towards our culture, i hope you guys enjoy jakarta and would be willing to visit us again on your next world tour. hatur nuhun pisan, we love you :)

  13. Frábærir tónleikar og frábærir áhorfendur !!

    Came all the way from Iceland to see “my boys” live in concert abroad. Last year I had a guest from Jakarta at my home, someone who had fallen in love with Sigurros and Iceland after seeing the dvd “Heima”. I showed her some interesting places in Iceland and then we went together to their great concert on the Icelandic Airwaves festival.

    So this time I was invited to Jakarta to see some interesting places there.. and also to see Sigurros play there in concert. And their performance was amazing once again, the sound was perhaps not perfect but it did not really matter. I have seen Sigurros many times playing live in Iceland but this was certainly the first time I have witnessed the audience sing with Jonsi in some of their songs. And the guys in the band obviously loved it, I think I even saw some of them smile. Really great and thankful audience in Jakarta, who seemed to enjoy every moment there.

  14. On the negative side. This before the concert.. what was that about? Waiting 2 hours in line before getting into the house! And then, when we got to the door. Sorry no cameras allowed, and no place there to store the camera. But why did they not tell us before? It was then written on the back side of the ticket, very small letters.. in Indonesian. And then of course everybody had cameras there… in their phones.

  15. still couldnt believe that i just saw you guys last friday, and im still not moving on :”)

  16. When I first listened to your bracket album, I was enthralled and determined to watch you guys live. Then came more singles and album and BAM! there you were in front of my eyes. The live performance was better than I expected.

    If I had one thing to inherit my daughter, that would be your tunes.

    Thank you!

  17. waw you guys awesome! i can see clearly what brain are for. that’s why i love you jonsi!

  18. Its a magical show. Beautiful performance and sound…
    The memories still spinning in my head

  19. setiap dengar lagu sigur ros,jadi teringat pas konser..
    suasana masih terniang hingga saat ini.

    can’t move on and this is a really concert

  20. Even now ..
    A few months after your concert in Singapore and Jakarta .. I still can’t stop listening to your music ..
    Every night I sleep in the company of your music.

    Takk, Sigur Rós.

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