sigur rós 2013 tour

roundhouse (itunes festival)
london, united kingdom



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photos courtesy of iTunes Festival 2013


screenshots taken from live stream



1. yfirborð
2. brennisteinn
3. hrafntinna
4. ísjaki
5. kveikur
6. festival
7. hoppípolla
8. með blóðnasir
9. svefn-g-englar
10. glósóli
11. untitled 1 (vaka)
12. sæglópur
13. untitled 6 (e-bow)
14: varúð
15: untitled 8 (popplagið)


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  1. So beautiful and powerful last night. So glad to have experienced new and old songs I have loved for many years in the flesh. There were so many different moods and tones to be felt, in the sound the light show and visuals, altogether great lovely sensory moments. I was sat upstairs so overlooking the stage and the crowd and the floods of oveehead light, so to see the show from that scope was amazing. I LOVED the choice of exit song, I love this song anyway! Very intense and climatic sound – goose bumps for sure- and as always simply mesmorising to watch Jónsi perform with great emotion and heart last night.

    Thank you for the stellar set. The best things in life are free! xx

  2. Awesome last night. As amazing as the first time I saw Sigur Rós. Feel so lucky to have won tickets! Evocative, skillfull performance. Pure and inspirational. falleg hljóð. Tear jerking and overwhelming. Takk fyrir. My Icelandic is terrible but I’m sure you get the idea :) x

  3. Even trough the stream, with a little help of projector and speakers, the world has stopped again we have all been very lucky to have experienced Sigur Ros live again. I have only been to one concert in person, but every one one them is an experience, even when streamed. Thank you for making it available on line for repeating moments of joy!

  4. Thank you for your excellent performance!!!!! Although I watched it from i tunes since I live far away from London,in Greece , it was a very powerful experience for me ….You know very well how to make so atmospheric and unique music . OMG, I felt like I was there….
    ”ll try not to miss the opportunity to enjoy you in one of the upcoming shows somewhere in Europe.

    You traveled my soul in your melodic paths …
    Thank you !!!!!!
    Love you

  5. Was fortunate to get into the show through the standby queue after waiting a few hours. Sigur Ros were wonderful as ever. The wrap around screen really suited the shape of the venue, and the setlist was a great collection of old and new; clearly the new songs were not as well known, but I think they could turn out to be amongst the best live numbers. Was impressed that the band played for almost a full two hours considering this was a free event. Took a few photos, do have a look: – Takk!

  6. I have been a fan for many years, and have had the privilege of seeing Sigur Rós live for the first time this year – in Manchester in March, and at Jodrell Bank last Friday. Sublime, perfect, epic, emotional… there are too many words to describe the experience! I watched live last night too, it’s great that this was streamed for free :) I can’t get enough of this band, I listen to a lot of different types of music & have been to a few gigs, but this band are by far the best in the world! Luckily I am seeing them again in Brighton later this year, & I can’t wait, thank you Sigur Rós for doing what you do, I hope you never stop :)

  7. i absolutely love sigur ros. i’m from malaysia and unfortunately we’re not able to watch iTunes festival this year. such a bummer! REALLY HOPE YOU WOULD SHARE THE VIDEO WITH US ON YOUR WEBSITE/FB!! went to urbanscapes malaysia last year and your performance is still fresh in my mind. was the best ever!

  8. I am a new Sigur Rós fan. I was cleaning house while listening to the iTunes Festival and had to give this group my full attention. I had not heard anything so beautiful, especially Svefn-g-Englar. I am thankful I can continue to enjoy the concert on iTunes, share with family & friends while I comb the Internet learning about my new fav group. Because I don’t know Icelandic Jonsi voice is a human instrument. Aural ecstasy! Thank you!!

  9. You are simply amazing, and your concert was just beautiful. Jonsi should try being more charismatic with the audience though, nevertheless the band is simply amazing, and Jonsi as cute as hell.

  10. What a show!!!
    And I would have never imagined I could say thank you to Apple…
    I installed Itunes despites all my prinicples and thanks to that, I could follow all this magnificent gig!
    I really appreciate the first part with all the new songs. But what I really love was all your classics that you play in a new way! untitled 8 was so different from the mast time I heard it in France.
    so please, come back again in France, I want to see you again!!!

  11. I am so disappointed !!! I missed the live show, and tried to view on the iTunes Festival… upgraded my iTunes as was required… STILL not able to see the concert :( I noted that many comments were left on the festival page that many others were not able to open the concerts streams… PLEase find out whats going on!

  12. Are there any plans to add southern California to your Autumn tour? I would love to attend, but the locations are too far for me.

  13. Estuvo increíble la presentación en el i-tunes festival.
    Gracias por este regalo.

  14. I loved the show. I saw Sigur Ros live in Boston earlier this year and it was magnificent – so grateful to see them again on iTunes. The live instrumentation and orchestration with the large band is just so gorgeous – Hrafntinna live is one of my all time favorite pieces of music (I love it on the album – but live is just breathtaking). I have told many people that I think that Sigur Ros is the greatest band ever, including the future! There will never be another band like this and I’m so glad I’m alive and able to see them while they’re around and playing. Here’s wishing them many more albums and musical adventures together – because this is just great. Thank you Sigur Ros – and thank you to iTunes for the concert. Great great show.

  15. It was great to see SR in close up so to speak, but having been to Eden and Jodrell Bank, while it was a great show (as always lately) I did really kind of miss the sheer massive visuals of the outdoor shows. (I was lucky enough to get to 3 of the March shows too (Manchester 1, Wolverhampton & Brixton 3) which were all Brilliant but there was just something extra about those two outdoor gigs).

    Great to see Varud ‘promoted’ to the encores – I know that a lot of people on the boards and critics think Valtari to be a weak album (personally I think it’s a wonderful piece of work) – so it’s really ironic that Varud, off an album that was supposedly difficult to tour, should be the highlight of the show for many.

    Roll on November… See you all then :-) Takk x

  16. iTUNES !!!!! Why are so many of us having difficulty watching the video, after the live streaming ???? Can you PLEASE fix this?

  17. Philadelphia, 20 September 2013: My third Sigur Ros show. This was by far the best. Great mix of old and new songs. Thanks for coming to Philadelphia again. Thanks, Orri for the drumstick too! Awesome. Come back again soon!

  18. Asheville, NC ~ First time experiencing.

    I was nervous and excited, the anticipation… how it would feel hearing the most beautiful sounds and seeing some of the most talented artists born. Thank you so very much for coming to the US – Beyond amazing, thank you again.

  19. I have just discovered this amazing sound, how can I have lived without it? Now I’m studying this beautiful language and in a year time I’ll visit Iceland. This stream has changed my life, thank you for opening my horizon. From Spain,
    Takk fyrir. Sjáumst.

  20. Thank you Sigur Rós & iTunes festival because of iTunes festival I found this band. I have watched the video almost daily and was sad to know October would come & it would be over. Since 9/3/13 I have purchased every SR album & have loved learning about this group and their change & growth over almost 20 years. I love my albums but feared I’d loose the sound that I fell in love with & started it all for me. I just found & purchased the SR EP of the iTune Festival!! I am so happy. I would have loved more selections, especially Sevfn-G-Englar. But I am just happy to have some of the sounds I love. I plan to see you soon when you return to the US. But if it takes too long I may have to learn how to take a trip abroad!! Thank you for helping me rediscover my love and connection to music.

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