sigur rós 2013 tour

corona capital
mexico city, mexico



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  1. wait this time, since his last concert in mexico. even i try to go see the last tour to another country. by far the best musical moment i lived. I cry half concert, and steel in rush

  2. What a beautiful night. I struggle to find adjectives that make justice to their performance. Hearing you gave me chills. Hope see you again here in mexico and feel your heavenly music once more.

  3. it was the best show of corona capital, this guys are better in live and that’s a lot to say.

  4. You guys are amazing … Enjoying your music is a trip to everywhere in my mind.
    The most incredible performance of the fest, you shock my feelings.
    I love you before and i love you more now.

    What a lovely night !!!! Welcome back soon

  5. muy buen show jamas lo olvidare, muchas gracias por venir a México ojala no pase mucho para que regresen.

    Me gustaría saber cual fue su impresión de los Mexicanos y de México

  6. Absolutely AMAZING! It was a wonderful magical night! Please come back soon to Mexico I would love to see you guys again!


  7. It was a magical performance, full of emotions. Please return to Mexico. Takk.


  8. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them twice already. I remember the first time they came to Mexico, in Guadalajara… a dream come true. And last night, for some reason I felt they were even better… perhaps it was the effect of that five-year-long wait. Or perhaps it was that I was as close to them as I had ever been, almost at the front row. I could see them smile at each other when we chanted the beautiful tune of “Festival” with such force that everything seemed to vibrate around us. I could see Jónsi encourage us to sing a verse of “Hoppípolla” and the whole tune of “með blóðnasir”. I could see them all standing in a row, bowing down to our deafening cheering at the very end.

    Thank you so much for bringing Heaven to us last night. We cried, we chanted, we yelled, we cheered, we clapped… we wanted it to never end. It was beyond amazing. I still feel like I was there. I think you know we will eagerly wait for you to visit us again. Until then… takk Sigur Rós!

    I leave you the list of what they played:

    Hoppípolla + með blóðnasir
    Olsen Olsen

  9. One of the best shows of my life. Sound was exceptional. Sigur Ros amazing as always. Unforgettable moment when the crowd kept singing the ending of Olsen Olsen.

    I hope you guys come back but with older songs. Not saying the new stuff is bad, but we’ve waited so long to see you guys that we’ve missed all the great older albums you’ve played live.

  10. TAKK !!!!! awesome and magical show!! thanks for gift us the Paradise!! you guys are the best band ever and Jonsi has the most beautiful voice in the world!!. Mexico loves you A LOT!!! please come back soon

  11. Thank you so much for giving me one of the best experiences I’ve ever lived. Everything was perfect. I waited 7 hours standing up, but every second was worth it. Everything was just perfect, it was beyond perfect.

    The ending of Festival brought us all together and made us forget about our problems and differences and we became a voice. I will be waiting for you guys again. Takk takk takk.

  12. Amazing night, magical, spectacular and full of feelings magnificent! We hope soon a visit to Guadalajara, Mexico, another night would be amazing to share with you!

    Sigur Ros…..


  13. -Cada sonrisa que evoca mi cara se remite de mi corazón, ahí donde se guardan esas cosas que solo uno se puede llevar con sí a su muerte, pasión es su arte pasión queda en mi espíritu, gracias muchas muchas gracias por su arte!!!

    Sérhver bros sem vekur andlit mitt átt við hjarta mínu, þar sem þessir hlutir eru geymdar að aðeins er hægt að vera með hvor aðra til dauða, ástríða er ástríða þín er list í anda mínum, takk a einhver fjöldi þakka þér kærlega fyrir list!!

  14. Incredible night!!
    But next time i will love to be in a exclusive Sigur Rós concert, no more festivals, just Sigur Rós please!!
    Hope you’ll be back soon!!

  15. this is the second time i see you. i can’t express all the emotions i had but it was just full of magic.
    one of my best concerts ever!!

  16. Thanks a lot! It was amazing! I really got mesmerized! Best night of my life! We hope you enjoyed it! Come back soon!

  17. You have changed something inside me, can´t find the words to say all the things that your music produced in myself. Can´t get out of the state that your concert put me in. Please never stop to make that thing you born to do. Looking forward to see you again.
    Thank you so much!

  18. You are the best band ever! … They make me feel all!
    Sigur Ros TAKK for coming to Mexico!

  19. Thank you so much for coming back to Mexico, We miss you.

    An experience of life to be in one (Fortunately i´ve been in two)of your shows. You are my favourite band because you are the proof that music is the universal language without regard where you come from or which language you speak.

    People who were at Tepoztlan in 2008 wait 5 years for your retourn, please don´t make us wait so long for your next concert.

  20. I traveled from Costa Rica to Mexico just for see you and hear your music! you change my life! what you feel when you hear sigur ros`s music is incredible is something out of this galaxy! i hope someday you come to CR! TAKK!

  21. I could say a lot, but at the same time, I couldn’t. There are many words that describe that night, but I’m sure that no one can resume or show the way that you made our lives turn into something really, really, beautiful, magic, epic, full of emotions, heavenly, sublime, so dark, and so lightened. There’s only one thing that I’m not afraid to tell: your music just penetrated and tore our hearts and minds. Thank you guys for every moment here. We love you and hope you’ll be back soon as possible.

  22. Please Come Back! It was an amazing experience listening to you live. I can´t recall the moment when my eyes filled with tears listening to whatever you call you´re music. It´s fucking medicine. It´s the sound you hear before reaching heaven.
    Simply amazing!
    I hope you are able to play a in a more intimate spot.

  23. It’s been almost a month and I still cry everytime I remeber the day I saw you.
    Please come back soon.
    Mexico love Sigur Rós

  24. Takk from Mexico, best show ever or what? come back soon please. Sigur Rós OeOEo OeOEo OeOEo OeOEo

  25. This has been the most magical concert I’ve ever been to, and I’d dare say it’s the best one. Your music, Jónsi’s voice and everything was beautiful! I can’t wait for you next show in Mexico, please don’t forget us and come back soon :).

    Gracias Sigur Rós!

  26. Y por momentos, en instantes, te imagine a un lado mío, escuchando aquellos conocidos acordes, que en otro tiempo te hicieron temblar y estremecerte entre mis brazos.
    Y te busque esperanzado en aquella oscuridad, y solo vi lagrimas en frías mejillas extrañas, y vi siluetas negras, sin rostro y confundidas.
    Y cuando por fin aquella música ilumino por completo todos esos rostros congelados, tu no estabas ahí, a mi lado, y no pude decirte en el momento mas hermoso
    de esa noche, que siempre, aunque estés lejos, serás la estrella de mi vida.
    Sigur Ros no me dejara olvidarlo…

  27. It would be perfect if they come to more countries from Latin América. I live in perú, i would have loved to go to your concert. :c

  28. It’s been two years, two months and six days and I still can’t believe I was there. Indeed the best experience of my life. So magical. Please, please, please come back soon.

    You guys are angels.

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