sigur rós 2016 tour

glastonbury festival
pilton, united kingdom

jun 24 2016



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  1. Well this was the perfect cure to the post-Bristol come down. Only watched online, I’m past wanting to wander around muddy fields with annoying students in fancy dress.
    Nice to see the full stage show used this time, obviously certain venues can’t accommodate everything. Looking forward to Citadel now, just three weeks to wait.

  2. I was lucky to be right at the front! Amazing performance, such creative imaging and lighting as well as flawless beautiful music. Highlight of the festival. Thank you for an amazing evening

  3. You guys made me cry with how absolutely amazing you were at Glastonbury. And I only was able to watch the stream! It was beautiful. You guys are beautiful. 10/10

  4. Having seen a brilliant live performance at Bristol Summer series the night before, I needed another fix of the aural soundscape that Sigur Ros provide so I watched the live stream from Glastonbury.Absolutely stunning.Thankyou guys.So happy to finally get see you live!

  5. Watched this from the front. Absolutely spellbinding and unforgettable. Thankyou.

  6. I do not know how to explain how impressed I was with the performance I watched. It was flattering, flawless and the best act I have seen in years. 10/10 for sure

  7. Holy shit. Third time seeing Sigur Ros. The new light show was amazing and that new opener is an absolute beast live. Easily the best band at Glastonbury

  8. Friday 24th June 2016 was not a happy day as I battled with the referendum result. Arriving in Glastonbury seemed utterly at odds with my mood that day. Absolutely nothing was lifting my mood, every time I started to let go and hear the music, the image of a gurning Farage flashed before me. Until my wife dragged me off to John Peel Stage to watch some strange sounding Icelandic band..Utterly spellbinding, beautiful and immersive. The highlight of Glastonbury 2016 for me, thank you.

  9. Watched this from the front. Amazing, just get better every time i see them. Stunning visuals

  10. Truly one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life. 500ml of jack daniels with copious amounts of cola had dulled my senses until Sigur Ros took to the stage. The narcotic cobwebs covering my eyes and ears were blown away with the most unbelievable sound and light show that ive ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It was truly transcendent and at one point i found myself weeping with a mixture of both joy and sorrow – joy in that man can convey such emotion through a musical medium and sorrow at just how touching some of the songs can be. I will never forget this set

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