sigur rós 2016 tour

stereoleto festival
st. petersburg, russia

jul 3 2016



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  1. That was amazing. My dream came true. Hope to see you again. TAKK!

  2. Thank you so much! I dreamed about it for more than 6 years. Your music is divine!!

  3. That was so good! I came all the way from Australia and was so privileged to be able to see Sigur Ros live in the beautiful St Petersburg. Amazing show!

  4. Thank you so much! It was a dream for 5 years to hear you and yesterday it came true! I’m proud I was on the same stage with you. You are amazing! Good luck and new beatiful music to you. Takk!

  5. Completely stunning! Tnxs for visiting us! It was kind of real magic! Takk!

  6. Thanks huge Sigur Ros! I am happy to see you again in St. Petersburg!

  7. Such an amazing concert! We experienced an incredible amount of emotions. Takk!

  8. Takk fyrir the amazing show! I was so glad to see you live and I hope to see you again in S:t Petersburg or somewhere around very soon!

  9. Sigur Ros, you are one of these bands for which you can stand in line for hours and hours. Screw the rain, the storm, the hail or whatever. The performance last night was magical. It was such an emotional overload that I couldn’t stop crying at one point. And I’ve never experienced anything of a kind on a gig before. Thank you!

  10. Incredible, fantastic, awesome!!! It was just great! You are really great! Went from Moscow to see your show and it worth it,Thank’s!!!

  11. I was at the performance in Porto. It was amazing! Your concert in Russia was even better. And I hope to see you again this year. See you in Hong Kong. Orry, happy birthday!!! I wish you great victories of your football team. They are really cool guys!

  12. Thank you for your concert. I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of years. And was simply swallowed by the whole atmosphere of it. Leaving the surface around and having the most interesting spiritual and emotional journey. Visual part of your concert was also incredible and will get deep into my memory. Takk!

  13. Thanks Great Band ! You are on of the best musicians, artists and performances makers in this world. It was incredible show at Stereoleto festival in Saint-Petersburg as music’n’visual catharsis. You are like from other cosmic what named Sigur Ros.

  14. THANK YOU!!! Dream of all my life was there! Thank you, Earth, for this unreal evening. Hope see you again!

  15. Unfortunately any words are forceless to express my feelings after yesterday’s concert!
    You, guys, are making people happier! And if smth goes unwell, you just overcome it when thinking about it.
    I was at your concert in 2008 in Moscow, and after that event something turned in my life, and I could not listen to any music for ajbout a year after it.
    And was waiting for your another concert for almost 8 years. And my dreams came true.
    And you also changed my personal life, when somewhen in 2009 me and my girlfriend watched your “Heima” together when we weren’t dating yet. And it influenced us a lot as well.
    Happy birthday Orri! Wish you all the best you could ever imagine.
    It was my #mostepicconcertever, thank you, guys!

  16. Thank you very much for your wonderful music. Five years I had a dream to hear it live. Yesterday this dream came true. Greetings from Yekaterinburg

  17. Thank you for a great show. You, music, video – everything was just amazing. It was my first time seeing you live. Thank you so much <3

  18. i’ve never been to a sigur rós show before. so i was afraid that seeing you live would be some kind of challenge. either i would get too emotional and sad, so i wouldn’t stop crying… or maybe i wouldn’t understand this music – because it’s out of any musical tradition i’m used to. also i considered it to be kind of soul music (i still do) – would i be able to understand the soul of the icelandic? it seemed a bit alien to me, a russian.

    it never turned out to be a challenge in the end. i think it was symbiotic in a way: the music gave me as much energy as i gave back. was it emotional? – of course, i saw people crying around me, and i think so was i. was it sad? – i’m still unsure. when i asked my friend about the show, she told me she felt happy and sad – both at the same time. i thought she had a point. was it out-of-this-world-experience? – definitely. i was anywhere but not on planet earth while the songs were there (and i was afraid of ‘alien’?). anyway, this i can tell for sure: if pure beauty (or beautiful purity? yes, that’s more like it) had its own music, that would be the music of sigur rós.

    alas, i can’t speak for all the people at stereoleto but i personally started to forget what the real catharsis is. THANK YOU for reminding me that. believe, i will see you some time again.

    and the last (but not least): happy birthday, orri! hope you’re having a wonderful day – and all the days after this one will be as good (or even better!).

    thank you very much.

  19. I was swallowed by the sea – a beautiful death. Never wanted to return, but now the waves brought me back. And I miss you already, Sigur Rós. Takk…

  20. Brilliant performance! That was my third time seeing you and for me it was the best show to date. Sound, visuals, tracklisting and of course Jonsi’s amazing voice have blown me away completely. Hope to see you soon. Takk fyrir!

  21. Fantastic space concer t ! I can safely say that it was memorable. It was one of the most happy and joyful moments in my life.

  22. I hate you! I hate and love. Love more than anything. You are the real thieves. You steal a piece of our souls.
    Once upon a time you captured my heart. And now I live and breathe only for You! You will always be in my heart. Always. I will never betray You! Thank you Jonsi, making my dream come true. Thank you for that hug. I know this is nothing for you, but for me it is much large. I’ve never been so happy as at that moment. Never!
    Thank You. Thank you that you exist.

    Before your concert, the sky was crying from happiness, and now it’s crying because you left. It still crying as I am.

    *in my ears playing Samskeyti, and the eyes are pouring tears.

  23. Thank you very much, guys,. How to describe what was on Sunday in St. Petersburg on Stereoleto? Delight? Paradise? Execution of the cherished dream of millions of Russians? Unable to find the words to describe my feelings. I just adore you all and yours music. Russia thanks you all for what you all came and gave us happiness. That was awesome. Amazing, wonderful. It’s the great. Hopefully. our country is not to disappoint you. We are always glad to see you here. You give us a paradise.
    ????? ?????????? ? ??????. Always.(i’m sorry for my terrible (right?) English. Good luck!

  24. Thank you so much for coming to Russia, St.P. Hope to hear you soon again. You guys made my dreams come true.

  25. here are things that live inside you constantly, regardless of your state of mind or the weather outside. this is not you, but a more substantial force than you: directed only to you and following you always. it can’t be just heard or seen, when you come across it you switch on another unknown sense of perception.

    you settled inside me 8 years ago and I never expected this chance meeting. i considered you to be a powerful clog of energy, sustaining life in me, but not corporeal humans living somewhere. i just didn’t need to think about it.

    now.. nothing has changed. i came face to face with a black hole, engulfing me but endowing me with strength to keep me balanced at the same time. with KVEIKUR everything around me burned down and I was standing in front of you absolutely alone, choking with impossible and unreal love, anxiety and delight. i am destroyed and resurgent.

    no words can describe who or what you are and what i feel interacting with you. but 3rd July was its apogee.


  26. all i want now is to see you again. thanks so much for coming, you made my dream come true. i hope that you enjoyed this concert as much as all your fans on stereoleto did.
    there was so much light and energy and i still can feel it.
    we love you, takk fyrir!

  27. thank you so much. i don’t have any words to say how great this concert are for me and all the people who is been at Stereoleto. this gig for me are much more than just a gig, crying a lot because i was very happy to listening your songs live.. it was the best gig in my life.. please, keep playing your great songs, this is very important for many people on this little planet :)
    p.s. thank you for “Festival” – i’m not expected this :)
    TAKK, a thousand times takk

  28. I bought a ticket last December the day you were announced as the headline. I paid online through Best2Pay and last week asked if I could be sent the tickets again.

    They said that the payment never went through but I showed them a screenshot where there was money withdrawn from my bank. They will now not refund me the money and I did not have tickets to see the show.

    Wish I was there to see you with my loved ones.

  29. I just have no words to describe all these feelings which were caused by your music and performance, it was amazing, magical, unbelievable… All human’s words, all epithets are empty and poor.
    I’ve never felt that people unfamiliar to me personally became such relative as you did. I’ve never poured tears at any concert because of such a beautiful music.
    You’re always in my heart, Sigur Rós, since 2012 when i have listened to you first time.
    Please, come back to St. Petersburg soon. We love you so much! Takk!
    (and sorry for my poor english)

  30. Whyyyyyy you are soooooooo goooood SIGUR RÓS.
    On behalf of my sister and myself, please accept our sincere appreciation for a wonderful concert to St. Petersburg and the chance to see you.
    We will always cherish the memories!!TAKK!

  31. The only band in the world that makes me happy!
    Thank you! Takk! ???????!
    Ksyusha, Russia

  32. Certainly the most impressive and inspiring performance I’ve ever attended. During all the concert I was experiencing feelings and emotions that are absolutely indescribable by words. Felt like the reality is left somewhere behind and I am connecting to something pure beautiful and perfect.
    I will certainly go to Sweden and France for the upcoming concerts to experience those emotions again.
    Besides, I beg you to come to Russia again in future. Even though our land is far away from Iceland and one might think we are not closely connected, we have truly loyal and unique fans of you guys and we are looking forward to welcome you in Saint Petersburg again and again in the upcoming years.
    takk fyrir, sigur rós.

  33. All morning I was already in anticipation of this event, although the concert started at 9 pm only.
    When the concert began, at first it was hard to get used to the loud sound, but then I started jumping with the crowd in the rhythm of the music.
    I was crying, I could not hold back emotions. More precisely, crying with happiness that I hear Sigur ros live.
    I can safely say that it was memorable. It was one of the most happy and joyful moments in my life.I will never forget this day!!!

  34. Sigur Ros sounds in my heart for 10 years, unfortunately I’ve never been to your gigs before, so I kept a strong hope that one day I’ll see and hear you live in Russia or in any other part of the world! And that day came, I immediately bought a ticket from Moscow to St.Petersburg and was waiting for July,3 so much! Thank you for this perfect beautiful breathtaking show… I was absolutely out of there, I was feeling all the pain of the world, all the beauty of the universe and absolut happyness, it was on of the best days in my life ever! I’m still mentally in that day, and honestly it changed my life in some way. Thank you for coming in Russia, I hope you will come back soon!!

  35. Thank you for the wonderful show. It was very emotional and truly brilliant on so many levels. The videos were amazing and fitting the music so much. Hope it was not your last time in Russia.

  36. 3/7/16
    Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    Never in my life have I been so deeply touched by the music until that day. I frankly can’t put it into words how grateful I am for your coming all the way to Russia to perform. I had been daydreaming of visiting Saint-P since I was 8, and being 22, I finally made it. You guys were the spur I needed to make this dream into reality.
    Having experienced Sigur Rós’ live show, I now know what the definition of the words like ‘transcendent’ and ‘otherworldly’ really is. I experienced my deepest and the most genuine moment of pure awareness of the life I am living, of my very being. At some point of the show I couldn’t hold back the tears that just started to flow. Those certainly were tears of joy when the realization that dreams are truly real and magic does exist came home to me.
    Takk, Sigur Rós, takk… You have a permanent piece of my heart.

  37. Words can`t convey how happy I am that I had a chance to see you playing live! Your music is utterly beautiful and moving to tears but I didn`t have any idea that it`s a hundred times more powerful live, it`s like an emotional avalanche, seriously! So thank you so much for coming to Russia and playing for us, for sharing your emotions and your truly amazing Nordic music with us! Takk fyrir! <3

  38. You were completely out-worldly, I loved every second of it! I wonder though why you ever play my favorite songs – Flugufrelsarinn and Hjartath Hamast. It would be fantastic to hear them live. Please, come back to Saint Petersburg as soon as possible!

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