sigur rós 2016 tour

sziget festival
budapest, hungary

aug 13 2016



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photos by melinda legéndi


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  1. I wanted to say, that the show was perfect. I really meant so much to me… I’m a fan since 10 years ago, and finally I could see you. It was energetic, and movin. I ended up in tears, it was so touching. I was terrified that the last song was my favorite one. :’) You are one of the reasons I want to move to Iceland. I hope I can do it someday. Keep on being so awesome, and thank you!

  2. Great performance!! Adore this band. I guessed this is what i want to attend every time..Please attend many many tours!

  3. It was a wonderful experience once again but we saw you in Athens few weeks ago and it was much better because of the unstopable rain and the crowd!!!love you guys!!!

  4. Fan for 16 years immediately after watching the ‘Svefn-g-englar’ videoclip. Yesterday was the first time I watch you guys live. Amazing experience, wonderful background videos. Just perfect. Takk!!!

  5. last night’s concert was the best I have ever seen in my life: thank you for your professionalism, your passion for music, the artwork, everything… And thank you so so so much for coming to Hungary and let this magic happen. Your music means so much to me and my boyfriend from the beginning of our relationship that we decided to play one of your songs (namely Hrafntinna) on our wedding (that is coming soon :) ). That is why last night was so special for us.

    Please come back to Hungary whenever you’re touring, or just around, it has been a long wait for us :)

    Here’s a photo that I took from the crowd:

    and again: takk :)

  6. It was amazing and very transcendent! I can say that it was the best concert I have ever seen! Takk! Love and light!

  7. I wanted to say thank you for this amazing show! It left me speechless, I enjoyed every bits of it! It was so mesmerizing, and with the amazing artwork and screens on the sides it is definitely a show I will always remember! Thank you Sigur Rós!

  8. takk fyrir!
    this performance of yours was one of the best experiences i have ever had. it tore me apart, then put me back together.
    it was beautiful, i cannot thank you enough. we’re going to visit Iceland in this September, i can barely wait to see where you guys and this magic came from. have a wonderful rest of your tour!

  9. I am also one fan, who met your special world 10 years ago. But now, I’m so blessed to see and listen you at the Sziget Festival! It was a very unforgettable experience though the mixed audience. I really hope to see you again in Hungary, with an independent concert! That would be great!

    Thank you very much for Ný Batterí and Vaka! It was gorgeus!

    Bless you all!

  10. Dear Sigur Rós! I want to tell you that you guys have been on my musical bucket list for more than a decade now. I was jubilant to hear you guys coming to Hungary and got my ticket to Sziget the moment I learned about the day you were going to come. The show you guys gave was laudable and euphoric. I have listened to all your albums countless of times yet the sheer power of the drums, the bass, the distorted guitar and the vocals was a completely new experience. It is amazing how only the three of you could create such great sounds. Two days after your show I am still under your spell, left longing and I cannot think of anything that could top this experience other than another show so I am putting you guys back on my bucket list because I want to hear Sigur Rós live again some time in the future.
    Takk Sigur Rós!

  11. It was uplifting to embrace all the new dimensions which have emerged during your live performance.

  12. I found you more than ten years ago and I never thought I would see you live in my life. The performance was magical. After the concert I decided that I’m going to see you live again now matter what. Takk takk takk!!

  13. Thank you for coming to Hungary so I could see you again after your wonderful concert in Vienna in 2012! :) A festival is of course very different from a venue concert but your show was amazing and left me in tears, I love you guys and your songs and the musical world you’re building to bits! Shame the crowd wasn’t so into it as it could have been. Still, I hope you come back soon, maybe for an own concert instead of a festival! ;) Takk!

  14. Today is one of the worst days of my life. A few minutes ago I had a panic attack, so I listened Takk … and now I feel in the right place in the world, in my body, just as I am. Thank you “big as an home”. See you soon.
    Martina from Italy.

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