sigur rós 2016 tour

hollywood bowl
los angeles, ca, united states

sep 24 2016



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photos by darren webb. camera: sony a7 rii


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  1. Great visuals, perfect night out… except for the audio/tech difficulties. I think Jónsi even mentioned it but I’m not sure, we really couldn’t hear much. Would love to see you at Walt Disney Concert Hall but those tickets have been sold out. I thought Hollywood Bowl was going to be epic so I chose those tickets over Disney. I’m still so very happy to have been there but just so very disappointed with the sound mishaps- knowing of course it wasn’t the band’s fault.

  2. i’ve always loved listening to sigur rós since i was a very very young girl. One of my biggest desires is going to one of their concerts. If that ever happened, i consider myself complete.

  3. There was some technical problems in the Bowl’s equipments. Overall it was a good show. Visuals and sound is pretty amazing as usual. I wish it wasn’t as big venue like the HB, few medium size venues would be best (indoors) and could be 10x amazing. I miss that intimate shows that I wish my wife could have experienced as her first time ever seeing you. Looking forward to the next but Walt Disney is pretty much sold out.. maybe in a few years again. We love you guys! Takk!

  4. The show was awesome! I love you guys. Your music has inspired me and influenced my life. Hope to see you guys again. :-)

  5. I’ve listened to Sigur Ros since I was around 14 years old. I am no 24 and was in LA recording a metal record and thought I would scratch off another bucket list band to see. I was 100’s of miles a way from where I live, had just gotten done with a long week of recording, and spent money on two tickets and only got to use one for myself. Parking was a Jackson to get in. Had to leave at 6 the next morning to go back north. I was about 3/4 of the way up the bowl, and I gotta say, it was kind of disastrous. Sound did not carry well, special effects were failing. I wish bands like Sigur Ros would only play more intimate settings. All things said, still love the band, but won’t ever go hollywood bowl again.

  6. Best concert ever, I have seen sigur-ros several times and I’ve never been disappointed. They just get better and better every time❣️He has he voice of an angel, hope they sell more tickets at Walt Disney hall in 4/17!!

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