sigur rós 2017 tour

margaret court arena
melbourne, australia

jul 27 2017



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dear melbourne & australia,

having being made aware of recent comments by margaret court, the band has commissioned a special tee-shirt celebrating positivity and inclusion, with proceeds going towards australian marriage equality. 

the band approached london based illustrator andrew rae to create a special crest. says andrew: “what an amazing commission, combining awareness about marriage equality with the amazing sigur rós in a hand drawn crest to raise money to support australian marriage equality… of course i’m saying yes! that anyone still has to raise awareness about marriage equality in this day and age seems bizarre to me, but as long as some people still think they have the right to decide who other people fall in love with then there’s still work to be done.”

sigur rós add: “we know margaret court’s opinions are not shared by the majority of australians. we want to add our voice to the call for marriage equality in australia —right here on margaret court arena itself. australia should be a country that celebrates positivity and inclusion, as well as achievement on the sporting field.”

the tee-shirt will be available at all the band’s australian performances. international customers will be able to buy the t-shirt here

takk fyrir,

sigur rós

#MarriageEquality #SRmelbourne


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  1. Stunning show, full of ecstastic wonderment!! Jónsi’s voice is soooo incredible and at times had me in tears of joy. Extraordinarily massive sound for the recent 3 piece. Light and visuals show was super impressive. The gaily coloured map of Australia with EQUALITY written on it at the end of the show was a wonderful touch given the venue… Please come back soon. Takk fyrir ☺

  2. I grew up with your music, ever since I found Takk buried in between a bunch of other CDs at my local record store when I was 13. I saw your shows in Perth and Vienna, and now in Melbourne. I really wish it wasn’t a seated show. I found it so difficult to just sit still in a chair. I am always immersed in your music whenever I hear it. I really wish I was on my feet, because that way I feel closer to your music.

    All my love,
    D xx

  3. An audio and visual transcendence. Finishing with Popplagio was just perfection. Takk.

  4. My first ever Sigur Rós concert (I’ve waited 10 years for the chance to see them) and it was worth the wait! Superb music, stunning lighting effects and vocals that brought on goose bumps. Two hours of music came to an end too quickly and has left me wanting more! You were awesome! A very happy fan x

  5. The most euphoric experience I’ve had in a long time. You made the cold weather warm. Takk Sigur Ros.

  6. Absolute magic. Breathtaking visuals, stunning stagecraft, and you can do nothing but sit in awe as the sound washes over you. Best concert I’ve ever seen. Takk.

  7. Absolutely amazing would be a huge understatement. I don’t even have words to describe what I was feeling while hearing my favourite musicians perform the music that has always been there to uplift me. July 27th, 2017 will be a day that I will always remember. Thank you, Sigur Rós. Takk…

  8. I had never really listened to you guys before the girlfriend said to come along. Words cannot describe tonight and I have been to many concerts.
    Your music is so emotionally engaging it was like riding a rollercoaster. through the deepest dark moments to soft and light melodies. The visual affects were outstanding and the last song of your set was one of the most intense and pleasurable moments I’ve ever had at a gig.
    Look forward to the next time you are in melbourne and thank you so much you have made my week

  9. Thank you artists. Like traversing the universe inside and outside. Xx kate

  10. Amazing show. Everything was super awesome but I would hope you guys chose another venue (e.g. Hammer Hall). The stair lights are too bright. But overall, I’m in awe!! Thanks for your performance.

  11. Transcendent, could not wipe the smile off my face. Takk – come again soon!

  12. The last time I saw you perform was at Somerset house in 2005. I am very happy I got the opportunity again ;) thank you for an amazing show ;) xx

  13. A powerful mesmerising performance made even better by the visuals. Thank you for all you bring to this world. Takk fyrir.

  14. First time I’ve been to your show and you guys were absolutely amazing!! Sigur Ros’ concert has definitely become my favourite and I look forward to attending your future concerts when you visit Australia again! Thank you so much for your beautiful performances!!

  15. Another amazing show by a truly amazing band. Thank you Sigur Ros

  16. I couldn’t really stop the tears from coming down and that heavy feeling in my chest is persisting even now, an hour and a half from the concert’s end. Thank you, Sigur Rós, for continuing to evoke the fiercest emotions and transcending all boundaries with your music. I’ve been listening to you from early teenage years and there have been lots of dark times where the only remedy has been listening to your music over and over again. This is my second time seeing you perform live and I look forward to the next opportunity. Takk fyrir!

  17. An unbelievable experience. This was one of the best nights of my life, it had me in tears. My hands were raw from clapping and my throat from cheering. Listening to absolute masters of music play their songs, all the while celebrating equality: what a fantastic night. Takk.

  18. Thank you so much for such an amazing performance. You transcend time and space with your music. I was spellbound from the beginning to the end. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️

  19. Spellbinding as always lads. Still yet muscular as a three piece with Jonsi’s guitar to the fore. The staging and visuals we’re amazing. The equality t-shirts went like hot cakes, hopefully we can have the venue renamed before your return. Thank you.

  20. Flew over from Perth cos there was no way I was going to miss seeing you guys live again. It was exactly 8 months to the day since we flew to Singapore to see you headline the Neon Lighrs Festival. Your shows are always visually stunning…and aurally, your music, your voice Jonsi, shuts out the world around me and has me enraptured every time! Takk Jonsi, Georg and Orri. Until the next time… Sharon

  21. Amazing, I’ve waited 11 years to see you live and it did not dissapoint. A light and sound show like no other.

  22. It has been a few years since I saw you last and you all were as magical as ever. I connect with your music unlike any other and it is truly magical. Thank you xxx

  23. Takk Sigur Ros.
    Amazing show again, 4th time I’ve seen them in Melbourne and by far the best show yet.
    The arena wasn’t big enough to contain the ethereal, uplifting and at times otherworldly scenescapes. Pictures made from music.
    An amazing act at the height of their powers.
    The crowd were motionless and in awe from start to finish.
    Come back soon.

  24. Incredible – the set design and lighting was beyond my expectations. But the music was even moving and outstanding! Love! Xx

  25. Such ethereal souls, you transported us to places we’ve never been with your music. Takk

  26. Second time seeing the band after they were in Melbourne for Harvest Fest in 2012, and it was a totally different show. I believe they were performing as a nine-piece back then, and as a result the setlist and arrangements were radically changed.

    This tour definitely feels like it caters to the hardcore fans more. The song selection favours new material and the more obscure album cuts, particularly in the first act. I’d be pressed to say Glosoli and maybe E-Bow were the only “hits” they played in act one. That said, as a huge fan of the band and all their albums, I relished hearing Untitled 7 and Ekki Mukk live.

    As an aside, Orri must be acknowledged as one of the most underrated drummers in modern music. At first listen, Sigur Rós’ drum arrangements may not seem that complex, but watching him play you can really tell there’s a lot more going on. A lot of subtle polyrhythms, especially in Untitled 7.

    The new songs are great too, although it’s hard to pass too much judgement on them given that these feel like early renditions of what may be released down the line. The arrangements for the new songs were mostly made of the core three instruments, and cut-up, electronic style backing vocals. In my mind, Ovedur was the most fully realised piece. A shout out to Nidur as well, I feel like this has some single potential when it does get released. Stylistically, the new songs could best be described in more of the ambient category than some of the bangers that the band have put out in the past. Regardless, I consider it a privilege to have heard them in this early state and can’t wait to hear how they end up on record.

    If the first act emphasised mood, the second half was where the big tunes came out to play. Saeglopur was possibly the highlight of the evening. It’s unbelievable how much energy it had given there were only three performers on stage. I also appreciated the slight change in arrangement given the lack of dedicated piano player; the transition from the intro to the main body (usually played on piano) sounded like it was being voiced by some disintegrating keyboard/synth combo, which seemed fitting.

    The rest of the second act didn’t let up on energy, even during the quieter Vaka (Untitled 1). One thing I noted was that Jonsi did not hold the sustained note during Festival as he has in the past. Not sure if he was tired, or simply not feeling it, but I didn’t mind: we got to that epic build up all the quicker.

    Also must commend the band on this, during the last three tracks (Festival, Kveikur, and Popplagid) I don’t think there was any backing track used at all. The lack of rigidity here seemed to allow the band to flex their muscles even more and the songs benefited as a result. Popplagid sounded even more powerful here than it did in 2012 with the 9-piece band. I heard some people shouting for an encore after the performance, but really, how are you supposed to top Untitled 8? Every time you think it’s peaked, the band managed to squeeze a little more out of it. Simply amazing.

    The last element I must note is the stage set up, from where I was sitting (a few rows behind the sound console) the visuals were stunning, perfectly complimenting the music. The way that the lights created illusions around the band members was a sight to behold.

    Thanks to Sigur Rós for a great night, please come back soon!

  27. Great concert. Amazing lighting. Kveikur went off!!!! Love to see you guys back in Australia soon!

  28. Your Melbourne show was breathtaking perfection. I along with everyone else in the arena was completely in awe. Still & silent we all sat totally hypnotized by Jonsi voice. Sigur Ros, you are truly out of this world incredible & I feel so. Privileged to be able to have been able to witness your brilliance live. Will definitely be coming to your next show! Much love Jess

  29. Extraordinary. Etheral, stunning show. Thanks.
    As far as the political statement goes, I personally didn’t agree with it. Each to his own

  30. What an experience. Waited 5 years for your guys to come down to Australia , and I can tell you it was worth it 100%. I have never felt the same way at a gig as I did last night. Ethereal is the best way to describe it, I was enchanted and struck with a feeling of awe and amazement, and at that beautiful light show that complimented the soundscape, enhancing it like no gig I have attended has done before. What a nice set to play as well, filled with a balanced repertoire of compositions from early works to new unreleased content as well. To everyone who has been saying that sigur ros live is a sight to behold and a listening experience like no other, now I know exactly why you have said that. To the crowd that was there, it was amazing that everyone was silent, you could seriously hear a pin drop, sigur ros fans are amazing and respectful to say the least! Please come back soon, as I will 100% be attending any show you guys perform down here. Sigur will always be my favourite band, and best band to see live

  31. The show was a cathartic emotional ride for me, and by the end of it I felt like I had died in a very beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your music and energy with us. It was just so pure and raw, it took a while to recollect myself after the show’s climax/end. The ‘equality’ message at the end also warmed my heart!

  32. Incredible! Mind blowing! 3rd time seeing Sigur Ros and a unique wxperience each time

  33. I was really disappointed in the atmosphere. I’m sure the music was great, but our seats were off to one side so we missed the effects of the lights and projections, and were situated under two huge speakers that made me feel like my eardrums were bleeding. I was so overwhelmed by the noise that I left at the interval. I paid $90 for ringing ears and a headache. Would much prefer to see Sigur Ros in a smaller venue with better acoustics and a more intimate atmosphere. I’m sure the concert was great if you could see the stage, but am I could see was the guitar bow and the back of the drummer’s right ear.

  34. Now in my late 50s, I’ve had the great privilege of seeing many amazing live performances over the years. While I have seen many wonderful acts, they all pale into insignificance compared to what I experienced at the Melbourne Sigur Ros show. Sublime, ethereal, full of joy and sadness. It is like the fullness of life distilled into sound. Like nothing I have experienced before. Sigur Ros are artists in the truest sense… they expand both mind and emotion. I seriously doubt I will ever experience something so wonderful again. Thank you so much.

  35. Never thought I would get to see them live, how sweet it was to finally get tickets. It was a surreal night, I was mesmerised from start to finish and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Thank you ❤️

  36. I absolutely loved your show. I have been listening to your music for around 10 years and I was so excited to hear you play live. You exceeded my expectations and took my breath away. I felt your music move through me, taking me to a place of pure emotion. It was a multi-sensory experience. The visuals were captivating and mesmerising. You have provided me with a soundtrack to my life and seeing you live was like experiencing years of emotions compressed into a couple of hours. Thank you

  37. I waited a longbtime for this experience and it was rewarded with an amazing shiw. All i can say is thank you! Can’t wait for the next one!

  38. After seeing this concert, the next morning I told my employer I couldn’t go to work. Your performance reminded me to follow my creative flow and make music instead.

  39. Perfection. Absolute perfection. Thank you for a night I will never forget!

  40. The lightshow for the last song was the best thing I’ve ever seen, lucky I don’t have epilepsy

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