sigur rós 2017 tour

forest national
brussels, belgium

oct 1 2017



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  1. 4 songs from ( ), we’re blessed!
    This is Sigur Ros back to basics, with a unique lightshow. Sad for no Hoppipolla but so happy with Vaka, and the return of the strobes on #8 !
    Very respectful audience, almost nobody filming or taking pictures, just enjoying the evening, like everyone should.
    Jonsi is still uncomprehensible but this time he came forward on the stage to be closer to the audience, that’s new !
    A 9,5/10 evening for me, close to perfection !

  2. it was absolutely magical. enjoyed every bits of it,especially the energy which was coming from you guys. much love and respect!

  3. Thank you guys! You were truely amazing! Haven’t felt those goosebumps in a long time! Hope you guys visit us anytime soon! I’ll be there! ;-)

    Keep up the good work and I do hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as wel!


  4. Best concert I’ve seen in a long time! An ‘ear’gasm from beginning to the end! Takk Sigur Rós.. þú varst frábær!! ❤❤❤


  6. Pour la 4ieme fois, vous m’avez offert un moment inoubliable. Merci pour votre musique, les émotions transmises, votre énergie. Merci.

    A très vite. Hâte d’écouter le prochain album

  7. Sigur Rós had one of the most stunning visuals I ever saw during a music concert. It was beautiful.
    Jonsi’s voice is so pure. Loved it.
    The band played there nuts off and sounded amazing. Did we also here some new songs??? :)
    Takk for such an awesome sunday evening. I hoped you guys enjoyed it too (?)!

  8. An unforgetable evening. Takk, Sigur Rós. The music was of course magical, but the scene was even more magical.

  9. The experience of a lifetime. My first concert ever… and what a way to begin.

  10. 6 hours wait. First row just in front of Jonsi. Speechless… I’ve seen how much you really live your music with everybody part of your bodies. The show was so Amazing, so intense and for you too apparently :) 2 unforgettable hours ! I’ve left earth during all the show !

  11. De driekoppige Ijslandse band kwam gestaag op. De bandleden pakten hun instrumenten en ritmisch gedreun vulde de ruimte. Het publiek werd betoverd. Het huilend geluid van Jónsi Birgissons gitaar zorgde voor een rilling. En dan begon hij. Zijn stem boorde zich in ieders hart, als dat van een engel. Zwepend nam hij je mee naar het verre noorden, naar uitgestrekte vlaktes en hoge bergen.

    Naast de prachtige muziek toonde Sigur Rós ook een duizelingwekkende lichtshow. De beelden waren psychedelisch en de tweede wand zorgde voor een extra dimensie. Het was een perfect totaalplaatje. Op het einde brabbelde Jónsi nog wat tegen het publiek. Waarschijnlijk iets in het Ijslands, want niemand verstond hem. Onder luid gejuich kwamen ze nog twee keer op het podium en ze bedankte het publiek uitvoerig, maar iedereen was wat teleurgesteld dat ze geen bis-nummer speelden. Al bij al, een prachtig, gelaagd concert.

  12. Takk. Every time again, you take the air out of my lungs, break my heart and enslave it to the strings and beats of your music.

    There is nothing in this world that picks me up and takes my whole being for a ride like this. Thank you so much.

  13. I’m 8.5 months pregnant, my Sister bought our ticket 8.5 months ago :) I was a bit worried how the baby would react but well Sigur Rós has this nice calm style, right? HAHA! More like mind-blowing, breathtaking, tearjerking, “grab you out of your seat and take on a low altitude and fast flight over the landscape of Iceland” kind of music! I was already in tears of overwhelm after 30 seconds with that beautiful intro. The baby nicely let me enjoy the entire concert. She will hear more in the crib. Takk fyrir for this journey!

  14. From getting the entire audience of Vorst Nationaal quiet as a mouse with only single piano/keyboard strokes to blowing us all away completely with avalanches of guitar, bass and (lovely) heavy drumming : Only one band that I know can achieve that and that’s Sigur Rós! Liked the stage lighting + light show as well, but even so I closed my eyes several times to just ‘feel’ the music. I can still remember my first SR concert, when they supported Radiohead in Werchter in 2000, last night’s show added another fond memory to my mind and to my heart.
    Keep making this magical music guys. Take care. TAKK.

  15. It was an unforgettable and magical experience! I cried twice :-)
    The break in the show wasn’t necessary for me.
    See you next time!

  16. Just to let you know how amazing your show was in Brussels! Stromae would say: “formidable”.
    Keep going. Looking forward for new stuff…
    Enjoy the norour og niour end of the year! Greetz from a Belgian
    50+ super fan!

  17. 10 ans que je vous écoute tous les jours, 2 heures de route pour venir de France, 4 ème concert, et toujours cette impression de vous redécouvrir, ces émotions sans mots…..simplement EXCEPTIONNEL! j’espère vous revoir très bientôt, encore et encore…TAKK!

  18. Great show in Brussels. A magical combination from music and lights.
    Looking so forward to see and hear you guys again and again

  19. Unfortunately I was pretty sick but I didn’t want to miss the show so I came and didn’t regret it at all! It was an incredible show!! Great visuals, great musicians, great singer, great songs, everything was so perfect. Thank you! Your songs make me feel like no others can do. Thank you also for the signed book. I don’t know if I’ll dare to write or to draw in it but it’s nice.
    Nothing to do with the show but I’d also like to thank you because I got more and more interested in icelandic because of you and now I’m learning it :-) It’s such a beautiful language! I’m in love with it as I’m in love with you and your music.
    Can’t wait to see you again in Köln!!!

  20. Why are you so good magic . It was different buth so good thanks . You guys make live so mutch better .ill hope i see you again .Thanks

  21. It’s been 4 years now… Still in awe of this surreal concert.
    I’ve waited too long to see you guys live. Your music left me in trance for the entire show. Ever since I’ve waiting for another show. I hope you guys will be touring soon! Much love from Belgium!

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