sigur rós 2017 tour

afas live
amsterdam, netherlands

oct 2 2017



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  1. It was great! The music the lights and off course the singing. What a voice! Thanks and untill next time

  2. What an amazing gig, a multi sensory delight.
    I don’t think i blinked for over an hour, not to be missed!!
    Thank you thank you thank you

  3. amazing intense experience, brought tears in my eyes many times, especially in the end. Takk!

  4. My mom, my sister and I very very much enjoyed the wonderful show last night at AFAS live in Amsterdam! It was magical and overwhelming, I had tears in my eyes. The lightshow also was really spectacular! Thanks a million times for giving me this beautiful experience Sigur Rós! I hope to see you again next time in Holland!

  5. I think I’ve been standing there with an insane happy smile on my face the entire evening. It has been an amazing experience from the first song till the final goodbye. Visuals really contributed to the show, we all know the band and music doesn’t need them but they were impressive and supported the live experience like they are supposed to. I loved them! Also: best rendition of Fljótavík EVER. Thank you.

  6. Beyond amazing, hauntingly beautiful!
    A show so intense, mesmerizing and overwhelming!
    A night you won’t forget….

  7. The show was wonderful! All about having the best music experience possible. It was a privilege being able to enjoy your beautiful art live. I loved it. And it’s going to be a special memory that I take home from Amsterdam. Truly awesome!

  8. It was unbelievably beautiful. I have seen artists like Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam, but this surprised me big time. It sounded overwhelming (in a good way) and was more than I could hope for. Amazing!

  9. Yesterday was ethereal, magical, angelic, heavenly. The thing is, this is not even hyperbolic. I have listened to your music for 5 years now, and yesterday was unforgettable. What you guys have created and hopefully will continue to create is something out of this world.
    If it is not time consuming, would it be possible to answer my question on what really Ekki Mukk is about and where do its roots come from? It has been there for me in every possible meaningful moment and I’d really like to know.

    Thank you very much for your contribution to the world

  10. Absolutely incredible. Everything I expected and more. Thankyou for a wonderful evening. Xx Big love to you all.

  11. Having missed the Brussels’ concert, we (my friend Philippe and myself) had the chance to listen to you in Amsterdam.
    It was really a memorable event!
    So powerful, so inspiring, so colourful, so sparkling!
    Thank you so much!
    Personally, I found so amazing to see the communion between you and the audience, and to feel your music and your whole world thru my own body. Wow, it was tremendous!
    Ready to attend some of your next concerts in our countries!

  12. I’ve seen you in action multiple times and it never ceases to amaze me how awe-inspiring the music is. I also wanted to give my compliments to your design team as the visual effects and the stage design were absolutely gorgeous. I have seen many shows and performances but I never heard the audience audibly gasp when the visuals came in. It was an amazing evening.

  13. Awesome gig. Also the light engineer deserves a big thumbs up!

    Thanks for the experience!

    Till next time

  14. Lowlands ’16 was the first time I saw them live and I told my self that I had to see them with their own gear and venue. I regret nothing! The combination of the music, lights and visuals were amazing! Definetly want to see them again.

  15. The show was amazing. Everybit as Sigur Ros-ish as expected. I have been a fan for years and this is my first (and definitely not the last) concert I attend in person, and it just happened to be on my birthday :’)

    I would have loved to hear more of the older work, but that’s OK.


  16. Astonishing! Truly astonishing! Probably the best live performance I have ever seen. Mind blowing.

  17. I spend the night with magical creatures, i closed my eyes and felt warmth around me, feeling kissed and lifted me to a higher place, one of the most dreamy music ever, i cant describe Sigur Rós in any other way, one of my favorite bands, already anticipating their next performance where i can wander off in dreamland.

  18. Thank You so much Sigur Ros for being among us and sharing your talents with the people of the world. Such a level of art is uplifting for the soul, for the heart, and for all that make us humans

  19. When Alice goes to Wonderland. Hauntingly beautiful. TAKK for the amazing performance and mesmerizing visuals. Can’t wait for the new album.<3

  20. I have been waiting for this concert since a long time ago and yesterday, I was totally astonished, it was beyond awesome.

  21. Takk Sigur Ros,
    Yesterday evening I was amazed at the beauty and the magic you gave me and the rest of the audience. It was like walking through a forest, I could even feel the sound of leaves flying around and birds and butterflies. I had shivers all over me, a true experience of the senses.

  22. Amazing performance! The emotion you brought to the stage was incredible! The visuals were also incredible and I especially loved the second set! It was an amazing night and I loved it!

    I do want to give some constructive feedback. The sound was a bit too loud. This was worst in the first set where it was seriously painful at points. This was actually the main reason I did not enjoy it as much as the second set (other reason being having different expectations). I feel like you don’t need to be that loud and I did not expect to need earplugs, which I therefore did not bring.
    Secondly, I think the additional musicians you brought in the past do add more depth to the overall sound. I would have preferred that, especially in the more bombastic parts.

    Overall, it was one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever attended! You guys got so close to perfection in my honest opinion! I believe you can get there. Keep doing what you do!

  23. Takk for a mesmerizing journey through the many emotions and feelings your music brings about! It just doesn’t get better than this. And closing with my all time favorite Popplagid made it all complete. XXX

  24. This was the seventh time I saw you guys play live and this show was definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I loved the new songs and cannot wait for the new album. The visuals were mind blowing! I hope to have the opportunity to see you play again soon! TAKK!

  25. It was my first concert of sigur ros. I was lucky to be close to the stage. Then the band came and it was overwhelming. If angels exist, Then I have seen and heard them that night. Thank you Guys!

  26. I am still buzzing from the show yesterday. That says alot. The images, the music, the voice. Such an experience. Cried like a baby when you played fljotavik <3

  27. Can’t explain this feeling enough. You are simply beautiful. Your music always makes me feel alive, feel sad, feel touched…Today I appreciated Dauðalagið. Never noticed earlier that the last bits are so touching. Truely healing moment. Thanks for your existing and your keeping play.
    And wish I could have heard your Icelandic ;)

  28. I want to relive that night again and again. The most beautiful dreams made of soundwaves and lights.
    Thank you, Sigur Rós.

  29. This was my second live experience with Sigur Ros. and it keeps proving to be amazingly beautiful. thank you very much. I look forward to see you again, even though I know it might take some 4 to 5 years. I would also humbly suggest to interact with the audience during the show, I am sure people would love to hear few sentences from you guys. <3 Sigur Ros

  30. it was pure magic! breathtaking and mesmerizing trip.
    I felt that my reality was turned from inside out, it seems I still can not get back. I have the setlist from the concert in my headphones now, and I could listen it endless.
    thank you! I hope I will see you again.

  31. I have been listening to Sigur Ros since I was 13. They brought me through all of my angsty teenage years and I felt different (calm and peaceful and excited about life) while listening to their music. I still feel this way. This was my second show of theirs and I have been each time blown away by the light show and stage setup in addition to the passion I feel while watching them live. Jonsi in particular really gives each note everything he has, vocally and on his board guitar. My boyfriend went as his first time every hearing their music and he was shaking his head in disbelief during a couple incredible numbers performed by the band! A passionate, intense, and lovely concert evening. Thank you Sigur Ros. Much love!

  32. What am I happy with the boys of sigur ros, have a great experience last monday !! Words are too short.
    Till next time


  33. The night was U N B E L I E V A B L E !!!!
    Thank you guys! Come back soon, please!

  34. It would be wonderful to hear you perform live. 90 pct including drums, guitars, bass and vocals seem to be pre-programmed. I like live music. This is a fraud.

  35. What an amazing night. I have seen you many times, but it was overwhelming again. The show, the voice, silence in the audience….. thank you guys and see you again on december 30 in Harpa, Reykjavik. Can’t wait to go!!

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