sigur rós 2017 tour

de oosterpoort
groningen, netherlands

oct 3 2017



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  1. I am not a concert person..
    But this has been the best experience of my life..
    truly beautifull and wonderfull..
    I love their music and compasion
    The videos were great and the time flew by
    when are you guys coming back…?!

  2. Honestly? I wasn’t a big fan upfront…
    My boyfriend just dragged me with him
    But…… You guys really surprised me!
    It was very impressive…
    Great show, great voice, great acoustics!

  3. Magical, otherworldy, a pure resemblance of the Absolute. If the romantic philosphers of the Frühromantik would still be alive, and were able to see Sigur Ros perform live, they would regard it as the purest recemblance of God through the powers of Art with an capital A.
    For the love of me, I do not remember a concert where I sat for two hours smiling from ear to ear while shivers where crawling down my spine continually.
    The visuals worked together with the music, like a guide dog who guides the blind through the perils of life. It was pure, in it’s purest essence. I will simply never forget this night.
    Go. See. Sigur. Ros. Live.

  4. Thank you all for a wonderful evening… your voice and music is sometimes not from this world and gives me the possibility to connect with deeper feelings… really loved the concert and the energy you all give…

  5. Words fail to describe how amazing and humbling it was to be present at this marvellous concert. Takk, Sigur Rós! An evening never to forget.

  6. Maybe it was our position in the Grote Zaal that was the problem but the sound was so loud, it became painfull. During the 4th song, I thought
    felt a warm liquid coming out of my ear. We left in the break, it was already too late for earplugs. This kind of volume feels counter-intuitive to a band so skilled and refined, I just don’t understand why it had to be so loud that everything in the room started resonating. It messed with the whole experience when you’re supposed to be carried away in ecstasy but instead sit there with your fingers in your ears.

  7. It was pure magic! Love you guys for your elfish-like music and beautiful concerts.

    BTW: It was the very first time experienced a concert in the Netherlands where literally everyone kept his mouths shut. And you made that happen!!! Says enough, doesn’t it? Hope to see you again soon.

    Cheers and have a good tour!

  8. Cosy place and a bit of your smile. And curious fingers for Popplagið ;)
    Unlike the one in Amsterdam it was nice to hear Jonsi’s Icelandic message again. Wish you could have played Dauðalagið.
    The sound is still resonating in my ears. I am spending the most happiest week seeing and listening to you in Europe, not at my hometown. Takk eins alltaf!

  9. Great gig with the visuals adding a lot. Making it an experience hard to forget. Stood near the stage on 3rd row. Really really great. On my toplist of best concerts ever seen and heard. Saw you for the first time 17 years ago. Guess my next visit to another Sigur Ros concert won’t take another 17 years.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. Takka þér fyrir, Sigur Rós! Once again a great concert! Great stage performance with visuals that complemented the show very well. Wish I could come to norður og niður to see you again!

  11. It was a great show. Music, lights, emotion and Jonsi’s voice were great! The first half I almost cried. The second i was overwhelmed.
    But i was glad i had my earplugs. It was really load.

  12. A very magical and touching concert. I was completely blown away and emotional. You guys brought tears in my eyes

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