sigur rós 2017 tour

stockholm, sweden

oct 5 2017



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  1. fantastic show! the second set was slightly better than the first due to the amazing lights and screens. the crescendos in saeglopur was one of the best concert experiences i’ve ever had. if i had anything to complain about it would be that the guitar could be slightly higher in the mix and you could play some other song from agætis byrjun. takk!

  2. This was my first Sigur Ros show and I’m blown away by the entire package. Amazing second set, with the light and scene setting! Looking forward to see you at Harpa in December!

  3. Such an amazing show! It is hard to imagine how only three people can create such intensity in songs that on record were arranged with strings and brass and everything. There was more of the darker, longer songs than the shorter happier ones and I really enyoyed that. Especially that you played Daudalagid. Best I’ve heard in so so long, takk!!!

  4. First concert in my life I needed to buy earplugs. Why did it have to be so loud? Otherwise great!

  5. Lovely concert ❤️ As a 30+ it would have been nice I’d there where seats. I think I’ve enjoyed the act even more.

  6. You are a force of nature with the ability to capture the sound of being human, the ability to reach into the depths of my soul and remind me of the fact that I’m actually still alive. You rob me of all of my thoughts and worries, replacing them with nothing but content and something achingly close to blinding euphoria.
    An hour into the show I caught myself just standing there, mouth agape and with unshed tears burning behind my eyes, just trying to take it all in. Jónsi’s impeccable, ethereal voice, the raw, pure emotion dripping from every chord, every word, the way that you unapologetically allow the music to breathe, feel, to speak for itself…
    Whatever I got to experience last night was way too perfect to even be considered human, but the fact that it managed to affect me in such a deep, personal way means a lot to me. It was an out of body experience like no other (especially during Glósóli, Kveikur and Popplagið) and for the first time in forever I felt as if I were truly free.
    So, takk, Sigur Rós. Takk fyrir. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to coexist with you incredible people but I’m so happy that’s the case.

  7. Thank you for last night! This was my first Sigur Rós concert and I through it was great. I think the second part was better then the first part. The lights and visuals were lovely and worked with the music in a beautiful way! Truly an experience!

  8. SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE!! Loved everything about it except the loudness of the music:/ I wore earplugs yet I found it extremely loud. Otherwise the concert was awesome! You guys were incredible and it was even better than I could have imagined! TAKK!

  9. First half fell flat, lumping together all the songs in Sigur Rós’ repertoire that sound the most like each other, making it a slow, monotonous bore. After a break – only necessary for the sake of resting the legs of an audience that should have been seated – the song selection, dynamics, and light show really improved. By this point, I was a bit unenthusiastic already, and I left the concert with a slight pessimism about whether this music is really made for live listening or not. And I do concur with some reviewers noting that the louder parts were, in fact, extremely loud. The kind of loud where you don’t really hear any music – you just feel your chest being crushed. And not in a good way.

  10. Unbelievable how three people can create such an overwhelming experience! Heartbreakingly beautiful show, emotional and despite the scale so intimate. Endless gratitude to the company of stage/ light/ video designers – great job!

  11. Third time seeing sigur rós and it was another unforgettable moment to add to my memories. I was once again reminded of why these three talented Icelanders together make up my favourite band, and why they have remained that for the ten years I have listened to them. The way sigur rós manages to reach into one’s soul and feelings by pure music has always amazed me, how their melodies and tunes reach further than just being enjoyable music. There is something special about them that is hard to pinpoint. An euphoric and unearthly feeling that cannot be found anywhere else. The show was a beautiful piece of art, even if it felt slightly unnecessary for an intermission between the two acts. However, when it came to the music there is nothing to complain about as the band is as committed to playing their music as the listeners are to eagerly hear it. In moments when sigur rós feels out of this world, their humanity and talent reminds itself from a clumsy wrong tune on Fljótavík and the enchanting sound of jónsi’s raspy voice in Vaka. I am longing for the next time we meet, sigur rós. Takk for your music and a great show.

  12. The first set was a bit strange collection of songs for they were so alike each other: peaceful, yet beautiful. To be honest, I got a bit bored during the first set but I’m pretty sure the main reason for that was that I had travelled the whole day to get to Annexet and thus was pretty tired and hungry. Still, I might have gotten the greatest live music experience during the first set! It was absolutely amazing how the audience just listened to the band play the songs to the very last note. No whistling, no (irritating) yelling, nothing! Just listening to the band and its music. It was mind blowing, like a big get-together.

    The second set was what I had been hoping for of a Sigur Ròs concert. Beautiful visual effects, enjoyable collection of songs of different kinds and the band giving its best. That’s what live music is about.

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