sigur rós 2017 tour

oslo spektrum
oslo, norway

oct 6 2017



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Dzięki mordeczki za wspólny Oslo Sroslo Trip 😉 Było Epicko 😜 #norwegia #trip #frends #family #goodtime #polishboy #polishgirl #oslo #sroslo #funnymoments #instaphoto #instaboy #instagood #fotooftheday simka_simple_girl be.h.a.p.p.y.y.y lurz84 ...

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Sigur Rós = Magisk!!!
#sigurrós #sroslo

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My love❤piter_sportowy_swir
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Sigur Ros, bare heilt magisk ❤ #sigurros #sigurrós #sigurroslive #oslospektrum #magical #music #takk #kveikur #sroslo ...

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#SRoslo sigurros Takk! ❤️ ...

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Oslome Oslo - Sroslo. #munch #krzyk #scream #nationalmuseum #oslo #sroslo #oslome #norway #ice #hungry #poor ...

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AfterOsloParty! 😱😱😱 #premiere #Oslo #sroslo #warsaw #oslome #winner #oscars #queen #salmon #party #funny #friends #goodtime #fun ...

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Growing up in Indonesia, I used to think that seeing sigurros live would be an impossible check box on my bucket list. To date, I've instead seen them 8 times in 7 different cities all over the globe. Tonight in Oslo I'll see them again for the 9th time—so fucking stoked like the first time. Photographed above a #35mm from early this year at greekberkeley #sroslo ...

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  1. Niður feels like rather Upp or Himinn. Throughout the breathtaking songs in set I I was already worried thinking what if you are not gonna play this song after Norður og Niður. Please Play Endlessly!
    The most silent audience I’ve ever met was helpful to concentrate on the sound. I will be missing the recent happiest one week in Europe and looking forward to Norður og Niður. Now time to go home. Thanks! You are my Rósirnar.

  2. An aural and visual affront to the senses – great work from the Islanders !!! And with a tonne of emotion going into the performance from Jonsi toward the end !! Great views for the audience at the back but the front needs to be standing to get the response from the crowd that the band’s performance deserves. Keep working guys, I’ve seen you in Stockholm and Oslo and I’ll see you in Copenhagen tonight !! I love the explosion into the final act of Saeglopur and the controlled mayhem of Popplagid – please make them just as powerful for me tonight !

  3. It was my first time in a Sigur Rós concert. And for sure it will not be the last, as long as you keep give us such a beautiful experience live.
    I have been reading messages from people who has been in your concerts in the past years, and were only words of beauty, happiness and incredible atmosphere with music and lights that makes you think you are in another planet for two hours.
    But experience that live the other night was amazing.
    I was speechless how the drummer has so much powerful impact in live concert , and in general you 3 made me think that if I always thought you are a great band, after this concert I am sure you are one of the best band around. I have seen two Radiohead concerts in that same venue few months ago, they confirm me that they are on my opinion the best band in the world. Sigur Rós is just as good.
    I cried after your second song because I felt so full of emotion that your music made come out of me.
    I hope to see you again soon.
    I don’t know why , but a thought came up at the end of the concert , that Kurt Cobain would have love your music so much.
    Takk Takk.

  4. I got to know about Sigur Rós by my father and when he surprised my sister and I with tickets for your Oslo show i couldn’t stop listening to your songs and when the day finally came i was so excited!

    The whole concert was magical, i sat there with goosebumps and cried all my wat through the concert! It was so magical and it was so good to actually could sit there and listen to the music and not stand and shout as teenagers do when they are at a teen idol concert. It was just so calming just to sit there and listen to the beautiful music! So thank you so much for maning the experience magical! Hope you don’t stop making music!

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