sigur rós 2017 tour

forum københavn
copenhagen, denmark

oct 7 2017



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Hallå. Är på Sigur Ros och sånt. Dricker rom och cola. #sigurros #sigurroslive #srcopenhagen ...

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Sigur Rós i Köpenhamn. Bra grejor. #srcopenhagen ...

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Sigur Rós @ Forum - an impressive feat. #sigurrós #srcopenhagen #forumcopenhagen ...

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Snart dags för set 2 med magiska Sigur Rós. ✨ #SRcopenhagen #sigurroslive ...

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Raw, majestic, fragile and endlessly beautiful. Thank you sigurros, always a pleasure.

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  1. One of the craziest experiences of my life. I can’t get over it. Even now, the day after I’m still overwhelmed. This performance can’t be described with words… Thanks for everything you guys have done.

  2. Absolutely stunning show. Second time I’ve seen Sigur Rós live and they took my breath away even more than the first time. Gasps, tears, rock. What more could you want?

  3. Fantastik koncert.
    Jeg er så glad jeg så jeres koncert! ..
    Det blev bedre en jeg forventede.

    Takk fyrir æðislega tónleika!!

  4. Moving performance, spell binding. Twohours of music at its finest, music as it should be – an emotional journey exploring and stretching human creativity. It was amazing to see everyone absorbed in the moment, really seeing and listening – I only saw maybe 10 smartphones held up throughout the whole show around me. Sigur Rós delivered a splendid experience, there were moments when I could not believe my ears and eyes. Keep this up, keep enchanting us.

  5. Un concierto por el que esperé mucho tiempo, crucé muchas millas y lo logré. Mil gracias por esa constelación de experiencia sensible. Amé el libro en limpio que ahora se convertirá en mi diario de viaje.

  6. Incredible Show. The music is magical and makes you feel like you were in another universe. The light effects in so many dimensions are in a symbiosis with magical sounds and Jónsis beautiful voice… Tusind tak for i aften!!

  7. An overwhelming experience with Jonsi at the top of his singing and full focus from all parts, the light show perfectly adapted to the extraordinary, spheric music. Great setlist, raning from an overeathly wouderful “Vaka” and finding its climax in the extremely intense Poplagid, as usual the culmination – and a piece noone ever can match. Once more a totally onvincing experience!

  8. This was the most spectacular concert I’ve ever been to.
    The lights, the crowd, the atmosphere, seeing Sigur Rós live…! – Everything was so much better than I imagined.

  9. What amazing night with Sigur Rós Every song was just like an artwork or a short film with all lights, videos and the other effects.

  10. Wow, guys, I am soo happy I went to experience this. You are exceptional performers and the visuals were amazing. And thank you for ending with #8, it’s so powerful.

  11. Sigur Ros (Icelandic for Victory Rose) is by far the best example of contemporary Nordic music. Forget about rhytm & blues, rock’n roll and bluegrass forget about Mozart and Stravinsky, it is the sound of magma exploding and spurting out of a vulcanic crack, it is the sound of larks hovering over pastures of heather on a deserted lava landscape.
    These three strong and stunningly beautiful men gave a most challenging performance in Forum, Copenhagen.
    I was fortunate to be there.

  12. Well .. heard first time of the band back in 2008, my wife which was my girlfriend back than asked for her birthday a Sigur rós Book .. every since I must confess I have bot heard much about this band , she mentioned once and than obviously but I never bothered to research or listen to, I thought too minstream was too to me or something.. well been earlier this year to Copenhagen to watch my 2 favorite bands in the whole world (Guns n’ Roses and Foo Fighters) I decide to mention this to make clear what kind of music I am into .. and thought that nothing would make me fell that way I felt watching my favs .. well we went back to Copenhagen again .. I am curious to see what is like .. and first I got really impressed like .. I never been in such of “civilized Convert” felt really great .. But I must confess first half I didn’t like it .. I didn’t get it .. but the second half I think the thing just kicked in .. I felt Amazingly .. the explosion of colors, sounds and fellings felt really great .. for some reason made me feel like first time I ever heard Pink Floyd .. you guys defenetely delivered a amazing experience.. on our way back to Sweden I downloaded the album “()” my favorite already.. defenetely gonna start to listen to it !! Well done guys !! You are incredibly gifted!! i became a fan I can say .. sorry Dave and Axl .. but tou gonna have to understand that I ‘m pretty sure they like you guys as wrll !!

  13. Couldn’t have imagined better 1st time when seeing a band. Thanks for wonderful night!

  14. Imagine my delight when I exit the metro on my first day in Copenhagen and see that my flat for the long weekend and see that one of my favorite bands is playing in town when I’m here. Saw them in Maryland and Pittsburgh, PA so far this year and was so great to see them in Copenhagen as well. The light show was better than ever, and no sound issues at all. Takk!

  15. Been a fan for almost 20 years. Bought ‘besta package’ ticket for the show , VIP ticket including ‘one ultra exclusive limited edition tour journal/book, signed by members of sigur rós’. Felt pretty stupid when I picked up a book with blank pages which I had payed over 500 dkr for.
    Great show, visuals and music. It’s magic. Takk!

  16. The best concert I have ever been to! There was such a magic and involving atmosphere that brought me to tears. I will never forget that feeling that allowed me to feel music in its puerest way…the ticket price was totally worthed! I am still overwhelmed by that experience!!

  17. Second time seeing you guys and it was just as amazing if not even more so. Thank you so much for the happiness you bring to this world.

  18. I loved the show last night, I was afraid Forum would ruin your beautiful music. I have over the years seen Sigur Rós many times. Always shows that takes your breath away- but nothing beats my first show at Rytmeposten in 2000. Please keep doing what you do- it enlightens my world – leaves you speechless and humble. TAKK!

  19. This was my first time seeing Sigur Ros live and I’ve never been so thankful for an experience like that. I felt like a kid at christmas evening, when you started to play.. excited and overwhelmed. Even though I’m 16 and have probably not known you guys as long as your older fans, my experience wasn’t different from the others. I’m still speechless over the amazing concert and will forever and ever cherish the experience. I look forward to the day that you come back to Denmark and hope that you will do that soon again.
    Thanks/Takk/Tak Sigur Ros. Takk for the experience. Takk for your hard work. Takk for your music that has helped me with everything – and takk for you as a band.

  20. This unfortunately did not do it for me – not through any fault of Sigur Rós, but because of the venue. The sound quality was extremely poor, and the venue in itself seems to make all the background noises (such as talking, doors opening and closing, people dropping things etc.) multiply. We left during the intermission, as it was such a huge disappointmemt for me and my friend. I’ve seen Sigur Rós before and it was simply magical. I hope to get the possibility to see them again, on a venue that makes them justice.

  21. Takk! Det var en helt fantastisk aften. Det var min bryllupsgave til min kone – og det sprang forventningerne. Vanvittigt og enestående!!! Mit livs bedste koncert.

  22. Cons: Way too loud volume until the point it became embarrassing, at moments all I could see when I looked around was multiple people covering their ears. It felt unprofessional because it was just simply too loud, when the rest was great.
    Pros: Incredible to see live. Jónsi’s voice really emphasized the feeling of the event: earie. And there is nothing to compare it with.

  23. Most significant concert and beautiful concert of my life. Absoloutly stunning, I had to remind myself to breathe.
    I have tried all the greatest things now. I feel complete.
    This music speaks the language of my soul. There is no better way that we could have celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary than getting tickets to see our favourite artists (whom we initially connected over) perform live!! Takk xxx

  24. What a fantastic evening. Such a great energy on stage. Thank you Sigur Rós for being so overwhelmingly great to watch. You guys amaze me again and again!

  25. This show was a life goal of mine. Your art means so much to me. My Heart is full and My soul is lighter. Takk.

  26. This was my 12th Sigur Ros show, second of the tour. It was lovely and wonderful as always. I was surprised how good the sound was up front. In many ways this has been my favorite tour since the beginning, focusing as it does on the dark and moody material from ( ). It really highlights the strengths of the band as a three-piece and in particular Orri’s drumming skills, which are so essential to this material. I loved it as a I always do, and I am continually amazed at the ways in which the band can take their music out and turn it into something special and new every time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  27. Sigur Ros’ music is nothing short of ecstatic, beautiful, and forever close to my heart.

    This was my first opportunity to see them perform live. The LED wall was spectacular.

    But the venue and the sound within: sadly, atrocious. The volume was excessive. Booming. Muddled. Kick drums drowning out Jonsi’s vocals and guitar. Bass and drum fused together into an overpressure of loudness washing out any and all detail which makes Sigur Ros so . High frequencies distorted by overburdened, inadequate PA system. People around me stage right ~50m from the front with fingers firmly planted in their ears. I fortunately had good earplugs.

    I’m really hoping to see Sigur Ros in a smaller, more intimate, acoustically superior venue next time.

  28. Absolutely blown away. Jónsi was a beast.

    And I am SO GLAD that you kept the setlist to the darker songs. Although they’re incredible songs, I’m glad you didn’t play Hoppípolla, Ínni mer… or Gobbledigook.

    During the crescendo of E-bow, I thought my eardrums were gonna pop. But I figured that wouldn’t matter, because I would love for it to be the last thing I ever heard.

    Takk fyrir!

  29. Beautiful! Så många gånger som musiken tog över och fick en att känna en sådan lättnad i kroppen. Alltid lika givande och rofyllt att få höra denna musik.

  30. This has got to be my most amazing concert experience ever! Sigur Rós delivered pure beauty, where I was one moment shedding a tear as it touched my soul, another moment dreamning of the stars like a child. And vicious, bombastic and dramatic outbursts of pure power, charging me with raw energy as I watched the lightshow and listened in awe. Jónsi’s voice is truly angelic, and it amazes me that they can make such sound with only three band members. On top of this was the beautiful backgrounds of art and pictures moving, which could have been an art installation in itself.
    Sigur Rós: I really loved your concert. You are soulful masters of you own unique art, and you conveyed it in the best way. I needed this experience. I will hopefully get to see you again in the future. Takk!

  31. I am a HUUUUGE fan but I have to say that I was really disappointed by this concert in Copenhagen. I saw Sigur Ros in Lyon a few years ago and it was probably my best concert experience ever. Unfortunately, this performance was not up to my expectations. Yes, the sound was powerful but very messy and didn’t have the elegance and precision that I was expecting from Sigur Ros. Same for the video screen & lights, that I didn’t find very convincing. I love you guys, but this concert didn’t work for me : ( Still a HUGE fan though ; )

  32. Now, days after the concert, I still get goosebumps when I think of this beautiful concert. I was standing in the front row and Jonsi’s voice was just so powerful and majestic, I felt like it was going through my body and left me totally overwhelmed and happy at the same time. It was my second concert and my first one was exactly 10 years ago when I was only a teenager. I grew up but my love for their music stayed intact and formed me as an artist and as a person! Takk fyri <3

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