sigur rós 2017 tour

palladium köln
cologne, germany

oct 13 2017



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  1. It’s hard to write a review. Because there are no words for such a beautiful thing. But I want to say thank you for this magical evening that moved me to tears. You’re something special. I think you know that your music is not from this world. Thanks for that.

  2. Thank you, Takk, Danke, Sigur Rós!
    Incredible show! You, guys, just awesome, magic, brilliant. From another Planet, assure you.
    Vielen Dank Alex and Matthias for the company! Danke Schön, Cologne for having us!
    From Ukraine with love

  3. Thank you for this amazing evening!!! What an experience, in light, sound, songs!!! A big applause to the crew for making this all possible, and a big hug to Jonsi, Georg and Orri for being the most magical band in the world! Incredible!! Takk fyrir!!!

  4. …like someone speaks to you in your mother tongue for the first time in your life and you understand everything perfectly clear, even though it is a nonlanguage, the binding force of the universe revealed, the theory of everything explained clear as a cold November morning after a windy night… But then the elegant emptiness of this singularity paralyses you, if this is the ultimate truth, arggh, now what, there is it nothing to hope for left, and then you say to yourself OK, it hurts but is so brilliant and impossibly beautiful, but is it enough…

    and you get thorn apart between the omnipresent and peaceful benevolence of the newfound nirvana and the dreadful thought that this might be the ultimate destination your whole live was pointed at and you have reached it and there is nothing more…

    and you want to remain there like when you refuse to wake up while in a gorgeous dream, and everything you can do is to press play once again…and again… and again… forever…

  5. I laughed, I cried, I lived and I died.
    I listen to your music, and I feel a journey of emotions. It begins with joy, but such joy that carries an understanding that sadness is inevitable. In the end I cry, but it does not matter, because happiness and sadness merge into one bittersweet nostalgia of my first childhood memories. And there I was happy, innocent and carefree.
    For that magical, musical journey I am very thankful.
    With best of wishes

  6. really wanna see what happened if sigur rós get into cartoons, and how the music sounds like…a sigur ros cartoon film or something…

  7. Thank you so much for the great evening. What a show!
    Simply overwhelming, Jonsi’s unique crystal clear voice, Georg’s bass line and Orri’ s irresistible drums. The light show was a nice surprise, a visual delight. Takk!

  8. Mathias
    Merci, Takk, спасибі, wonderful concert with wonderful People! Joined the time with you Christina. I wished we stayed together for the Weekend.
    Greeting from Alex

  9. Hacía mucho tiempo que no sentía tanto en un concierto. Me pareció todo increíble, el sitio, vosotros, las luces. Si llegáis a tocar Hoppípolla no sé qué hubiese hecho… Muchas gracias a todos por ese rato tan super especial

  10. I enjoyed the time with you! Sorry for my bad english! Thinking of you every day! I hoped we would have met outside again! I couldnt see you!

  11. I am writing this, while I am listening to my favorite album – untitled. That was the really first album I listened to from Sigur Ros. From that point you guys catched me really hard. It was so damnly beautiful to had the chance to spend an evening with you. I’m not talking bullshit, when I’m saying, that this was one of the most beautiful and feelingful evenings in all my life. Never before I felt such a strong feeling. Everytime I’m listening to Sigur Ros, I’m near to cry. Sometimes cause it’s showing feelings inside of me, that I never felt or thought about before. But sometimes it’s just because your music is the most beautiful one. I really appreciate you guys spending time on this planet and making such great music. Never without Sigur Ros.

  12. Hi Guys,

    I sitting some months later at my schoolwork (teacher) and need your music as support – and in that moment i rembered that wonderfull evening with you and like to say TAKK again, but still i have one question:

    DID YOU reveived my picture in the blue frame with
    you mix with
    the island soccer team
    and the simpsons….?


  13. It was one of the best and most beautiful concerts I’ve ever heard/seen. With Sigur Rós it’s kind of like Pink Floyd and their older songs. You only get it right when you’ve heard it live. Some pieces of music simply cannot be pressed onto a record, so that they can unfold completely like in a concert. The dynamics that can be displayed live are simply compressed away on CD and vinyl. This intensity of Sigur Rós’ live sound cannot be reproduced from any sound carrier at home. The sound was perfect with crystal clear vocals and intense instrumentation. Drums as punchy as cannon strikes and a deep bass like a Donnerhall. On top of all a guitar, that is mainly bowed like a cello, from gently floating to razor sharp. One or the other time, I had felt as if my auditory nerves were burning through. Especially during the 14 minute finale of [Popplagið]. The dynamic range of a Sigur Rós concert is breathtaking. In the louder moments, and these could be found in many of the songs they played, they can take it on with any heavy metal band. The songs accompanied by a mystical lightshow and video projections and a devoutly listening audience that does not make a single sound during any of the songs. Sigur Rós played two sets of 1 hour with a 25-minute break. Set 1: Á, Ekki Múkk, Glósóli, [E-Bow], [Dauðalagið], Fljótavík, Niður, Varða – Set 2: Óveður, Sæglópur, Ný Batterí, [Vaka [, Festival, Kveikur, [Popplagið] No encore. They only came back twice to say takk = thank you. Only once, before the last song, they turned to the audience and said something in Icelandic.

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