sigur rós 2017 tour

frankfurt, germany

oct 14 2017



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  1. Jonsi is great, but it was looking a bit stressed out last night. Almost it looked not him… they should give him more space… and he will surely do a new great work I think.
    In the complex, place was beautiful, staff very nice and helpful, audio was perfect, light and show (Y)! ! !

  2. You filled me up to capacity with emotions I cannot exactly specify. Thank you for this remarkable, extraordinary experience!

  3. Takk to you!
    The first time I listened to one of your song I was around 8. I was suffering from insomnia and my sister suggested me to to try with Sigur Ros…
    Also thanks to you I solved that problem.
    Yesterday I had goose bumps and I cried. How could I get so emotional even without understanding icelandic?!
    You are amazing guys, hope to see you again soon!

  4. Das Konzert war absolut großartig! Einige Songs habe ich nicht erkannt, vielleicht kommt ja eine neue CD? Licht und Ton waren wie zu erwarten in Perfektion und atemberaubend. Auch wer gerne mit geschlossenen Augen Musik genießt, sollte sich die Show nicht entgehen lassen. (Für Epileptiker nicht geeignet) Die Jahrhundertealte in Frankfurt ist sehr gut ausgestattet, es gibt ausreichend Toiletten, Getränke und sogar warme Speisen für früh angereiste, hungrige Fans. Die neuen Tour Shirts sind auch wunderschön. Ich habe die Karte (Sitzplatz ( zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen. Es war perfekt. (Empfindliche Ohren brauchen Ohropax, kostenlos an der Garderobe erhältlich)

  5. My girlfriend and I travelled from Manchester for the show, and the combination of venue, band, and audience made it an unforgettable experience. The equally introspective and uplifting soundscapes were delivered with exceptional musicianship. Compared to when I saw Sigur Ros back in the early 2000s, this was a stripped-back line-up, but it was no less sonically accomplished and full-sounding. Hearing songs that I have waited 17 years to hear also made it a very special evening. Thank you for inviting us into your musical world, and letting us stay for a while.

  6. Thank you so much for the performance! I got emotionally overdosed, in a good way. I cried about 3 times, but I was so incredibly happy at the same time! After the concert I was smiling the whole way home. Jon, you are an amazing humanbeing! You made me feel everything you felt. God bless you, don’t stop doing what you love to do. As for the drummer, Orri was incredibly good! His performance was so emotional and technically really hard. Thank you! Takk!

  7. It was a very, very nice evening, and so good to be having you in Frankfurt. I‘ve been to a concert of Sigur Ros for the 5th time, and again it has neen a pleasure. The 3 of you brought a very good energy on the stage for everybody to listen to and enjoy. Also the lights & pictures you brought into the show have been absolutely perfect. Please come back to Frankfurt when you tour Germany again! Thank you very much & stay safe!

  8. The show was amazing, thank you guys so much for the raw emotions and heartfelt performance! The light, the sound, everything was perfect. Me and my husband traveled from Moldova just to see you and we are so grateful to have experienced your music live. We hope to have a chance to do this again. Thank you for a life-time memory!

  9. An unforgettable evening. I listened to Sigur Rós since years but never had the opportunity to see them live for different reasons.
    Everything was perfect. A feeling I will never forget. Thank you, Sigur Rós. I love you.

  10. This concert was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
    The sounds, the lights, Jónsi’s voice…
    Words can’t describe how fascinated and deeply emotionally touched I am.
    You are truly unique. And I’m incredibly grateful I was a part of this.
    Thank you. Love you.

  11. FFM was a blast. I even had goosebump attacks hours after the concert. Never ever had experiences like that before. Unbelievable emotional in all kinds.

  12. I just wanna say thank you. This concert was one of the best I’ve ever been to. See you soon my elves <3

  13. First time seeing you guys, won’t be the last time. I was overwhelmed. A night I won’t forget. Sound and light show were perfect. A constant attack of Goosebumps. It was just awesome. Takk!

  14. It was a very great evening. It was our second live concert and it was breathtaking again. I have married to Sigur Rós music. The band has accompanied my family and me for over ten years. Many Thanks! You are our music heroes. Dankeschön!
    We wish you a great tour and magical concerts at home in Iceland on the 27th and 28th of December.

  15. Es war mein erstes Konzert, welches ich von euch erlebt habe. Ich kenne und liebe eure Musik nun schon mehrere Jahre. Doch was mich LIVE erwartet hat, übersteigt dieses Empfinden sogar. Damit habe ich nicht gerechnet. Ich hatte das Gefühl sämtliche Geysire und Vulkane von Island explodierten auf einmal, alles Gletscher der Insel schmolzen; was für ein Klangerlebnis. Wie man es so als Künstler hinbekommt, aus teilweiser Disharmonie einen Song zu machen, der sich dann zu einem Kunstwerk zusammenfügt. Toll! Die Show war gut und ich war froh, dass ich Ohrstöpsel mithatte, denn teilweise hatte ich das Gefühl die Halle müsste einstürzen. Die Jahrhunderthalle ist ein perfekter Ort, sehr gute Organisation.

  16. It was a good concert with a remarkable light show.
    However, I’ve missed the overwhelming fascination of the concert in 2013 in FFM with orchestra. On top, standing seats have not been a good match for the first set which could have be more enjoyable when seated.

    Its a pity there is no real contact between artists and audience. One sentence before the last song, spoken in Icelandic, leaves the audience irritated – as at least spoken in english would have been a little more polite and better understandable.
    Thankyou for your attention to read this,.

  17. Ich war zum ersten Live bei Euch und es werden noch weitere Abende bei Euch folgen. Schon beim ersten Song musste ich mit den Tränen kämpfen und es war nicht der Einzige. Ihr schafft es mit Eurer Musik und vor allem Du Jónsi, mit Deinem Gesang, bei mir emotional ein absolutes Gefühlsfeuerwerk zu erzeugen. Von sentimental bis richtig gut gelaunt war alles dabei. Ich hatte fast durchweg Gänsehaut und wusste teils gar nicht wohin mit den ganzen Emotionen. Die Show, insbesondere im zweiten Teil, war absolut genial und hat das wunderbare, für mich unvergessliche Konzert noch ergänzt. Aber ich hätte mich auch in einer dunklen Halle nur mit Eurer teils bombastischen Musik wohl gefühlt, Augen schließen und genießen! Macht weiter so unf bleibt Euch treu! Freue mich auf Euren nächsten Besuch in Deutschland, gerne auch wieder in Frankfurt!

  18. The concert was unlike anything I have ever experienced and probably ever will experience again. I knew that seeing you perform live would be a very intense moment but I was not prepared for what I was about to witness. I don’t think that any concert can be as magical as one of yours and I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to attend this beautiful event. Your audio/mix was incredible and the light show blew me away. I was somewhere between floating, closing my eyes, opening my eyes and a total disbelief of what I was experiencing.
    Takk, Sigur Rós for that once in a lifetime moment.

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