sigur rós 2017 tour

vienna, austria

oct 16 2017



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  1. It was a bliss. The location was great and the atmosphere was of contemplation and a gathering of people willing to attend to an extremely good and creative concert. Takk Sigur Ros!

  2. WoW WoW Wow … mind blowing – chicken skin – awesome – breathtaking – divine
    Thanks for your energy!!!! and please come back as soon as possible :)

  3. Great show in Vienna! It appeared a little bit tired in the first half, but man, after the break it really climaxed in an incredible wall of sound, I enjoyed it a lot.

    Sound quality was on spot! I really enjoy the fact that Sigur Rós doesn’t need ear-wrecking volume to sound good.

    The only negative thing was the venue. The Gasometer was filled to the brim with people and at the same time they didn’t care about proper ventilation. It got incredibly hot and stuffy in there, many people, including myself, had to leave the hall to get some air and get some massively overpriced drinks (non-alcoholic beverage for EUR 3.80, are you kidding me?)

    Sigur Rós is best when watches open-air, I’d love to see you at the Ahoi! Festival in Linz again, which was the best show I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.


  4. Incredible performance. One of the best concert I’ve ever attended. Been a Sigur Ros-Fan vor ages, but this was my first live experience and it blew me away. Thank you for your art.

  5. Tak Tak Sigur Ros
    We spent an great evening with you in Vienna!
    Amazing, breathtaking, unbelievable………

  6. Thank you Sigur Rós! I wait for you for months and you came and make noise in my body. You brought me Iceland again. Love from Slovakia!!! Takk

  7. I luv your authentic when you play. It’s taking me always in another world. I luv your laser show too. It was awesome !!! <3

  8. Great show – thx guys!!!
    Atmospheric concert, great visual effects
    Only the Gasometer guest flow is sh….

  9. Thank you for such an amazing evening and for the drumstick-souvenir!
    You left me in tears with your work.
    Hope to see you guys soon!

    Best wishes

  10. Amazing. The sound, the light show. Truly one of your best performances that I’ve seen. Well worth the trip from Manchester. Brilliant!

  11. Beautiful concert yesterday, some songs brought me literally to tiers.
    Sounds system sounds great, but I think that the soundman needed to be more accurate with the high guitar distortion moment.
    The venue is just not good enough, it was too hot inside as other people mention. I need to go out to get some fresh air twice during the concert.
    Something to the band, I really love your music and always so magical.
    But I think that the break in the middle for more than 20 mins, is far too long, in my opinion at least.

    Overall an amazing experience! Next time in Iceland!!!

  12. It was the first time I’ve seen you in a concert and I so hope it’s not for the last time!
    The concert was magical, it filled me up with energy and you were amazing, each in your own way. It was the kind of concert you wish it wouldn’t end :)
    Keep up the amazing work and visit us again! Congratulations on the great artwork for the set. You managed to turn the s****ole Gasometer is into a beautiful place for an evening. An evening with Sigur Ros.

  13. Thank you Sigur Ros for this concert, even for your mistakes in the first half. I play in a band and I know that feeling, when you can’t hear properly your voice or the guitar is out of tune, what’s going on, staring at the floor, lost for few seconds, the drummer kicks the drums louder for waking you up… I felt more connected with you than ever. Thank you for being humans and aliens at the same time.

  14. The last time I saw you guys was in 2016 in Linz during a long summer rain. It was pretty cold, I got soaked to the bone and I was pretty far away from the stage so it was awesome get a little closer this time.
    I enjoyed your songs and a got goose bumps and teary-eyed more than once.
    It was a strange feeling to see all the emotions
    I regret that I didn’t learn more icelandic in the year I stayed at Reykjavik to fully understand your songs.
    In a nutshell … I wanted to say ‘Takk’ … this was an evening I’ll remember.

  15. TAKK for the breathtakingly beautiful concert. I really really hope that one day there will be another opportunity for me to see Sigur Rós live again. They are an amazing live band. Danke, danke og kærar þakkir!

  16. Hi guys, thank you very much for amazing concert. It was so beautiful – to be there – with you. To percieve it all… That was just your music – nothing else. The Universe Sigur Rós! Only present moment – clear and magical.
    I was in September in Iceland. In October I went to Vienna for Sigur Rós (I´m from the Czech Republic). Yes, I have a beautiful “Icelandic autumn”! :)

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