sigur rós 2017 tour

samsung hall
zürich, switzerland

oct 18 2017



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  1. thank you so much for such a marvellous evening! we enjoyed it very much – you guys are very special! takk!

  2. It was wonderful! I cried tears of joy all along the show. The woman sitting next to me also cried the whole show. You guys are amazing! It was my greatest wish to see you perform live and it was like a dream came true. Takk!

  3. Brought back great memories from the time I spent in Sundlaugin in 2012 to record an album. This is when I dived into your music. Thanks for a loud, noisy and yet very intreaging and uplifting show! One of the best light shows I have ever seen.

  4. Once again totally breathtaking show! I thought i am a rough guy, but this concert with all this visuals, light effects and of course this hi end sound system, definitely breaked my hard shell.
    Glosoli was so deep emotional ( can’t tell you why)… it was pretty close to that feelings I’ve had when each and every of my children was born!!!
    The whole show was a kind of a well-mixed potpourri of goose bumps, tears, bliss and so much more feelings i cant find words for.

  5. It’s amazing how three people create a sound that’s so intense, tight, dynamic and emotional – and live.
    Wonderful show!

  6. I was at this concert. And now, almost three years later, I can say for sure that this evening changed my life.

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