sigur rós 2017 tour

dom sportova
zagreb, croatia

oct 20 2017



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  1. If one day aliens decide to land on Earth, I hope it will be half as impressive as Sigur Ros concert.

  2. An absolutely amazing performance. So much emotion, energy perfomed in every song left me in awe, speechless and sent shivers don’t my body. Truly beautiful music. Best concert I’ve been yet.

  3. Never ever experienced anything like this, no words to discribe that. thank you

  4. Transcendental and out of this world experience !!!
    Amazing performance both musically as well as visually and technically.
    You were amazing <3

  5. Last night in Zagreb was something special and otherworldly. Thank you for such great show and all the energy that you guys put in the performance. Takk!

  6. When I listened to your albums your music always took me to some other dimensions, but hearing you live – it opened a whole new universe. I tought my heart and brain would explode! Thank you for existing, for making such beautiful music, for being magical!

  7. If you come back a 1000 times more, it won’t be enough. Croatia loves you, Sigur Ros. Takk!

  8. Thanks to wonderful and Amazoni concert and the stage experience sometimes I seemed that fly with jonsi’s voice❤️❤️❤️

  9. Outstandingly beautiful and satisfying, well thought out, glorious, transcedental and cathartic. It feels like it’s not from the Earth, but then again it is very much from, and “made of” the Earth. It feels and sounds like the creation of life, the founding of the world, and it takes you far back in the past and far in the future, but it also makes you feel your presense in the present time. I cried. I loved it. I needed it.

  10. That was the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard…It all felt like the music entered every corner of the venue and every cell of my body.

  11. The concert blew my mind. After every single song I thought “this can’t get better, thats it, this is the peak” and just got better. The end was soulwrenching. Love you guys.

  12. The best concert experience ever! Played with such passion and emotion. Amazing visuals as well♡ Takk

  13. Wonderful moments, from total chaos (in a good sense) to absolute silence. You created a magical situation, takk.

  14. This was the most magical concert experience I have ever attended. I lived in Iceland for some time and this sur-magical music brought back all the memories and beautiful moments from this dreamy land. My soul is calm and connected to the North forever. Takk, Sigur Rós, for this magic.

  15. It’s soothing to know that there’s still beauty in the world. Thank you! ❤️

  16. Been with my wife at your concert five years ago in Maribor, this year we came from Ljubljana with our two sons. During the drive to Zagreb I was thinking: Is it possible to even match the experience from 2012. Answer was clear from the begining of last night concert. YES. At the end left the venue smiling and happy…

  17. Some say that music is the strongest link between the man and God. It looks like we saw it in Dom Športova, Zagreb. Thanks Sigur Ros for heavenly beautiful night.

  18. So, last night in Zagreb I was at the event of my life.
    As my girlfriend said after the concert, they are not from this world.
    And I totally agree.

    Funny thing: most of the concerts I attended started at least half an hour after official start time, they started half an hour before.

  19. This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Emotional, gorgeous, surreal. Thank you for coming to Croatia and I hope we will meet again soon. Much love!

  20. A breathtaking show.
    I would seriously recommend every person, fan or not, to see Sigur Rós at least once in their life. The music, the emotion, the lightshow, the energy… They have it all. You will be blown away.
    Thank you for this otherworldly experience and your music in general, I sincerely hope you’ll come back someday.

  21. When I first heard Agaetis Byrjun some 15 years ago, I immediately fell in love. Yesterday, my dream came true seeing you live for the first time. And it was better than I could ever imagine, it was out if this world experience! Thank you forever, never stop making music, never stop playing!

  22. It was- as ever- an acoustic and visual thrill of ecstasy. Art at its best! Thank you for your overwhelming energy at your final European show!

  23. This was my forth concert of SIGUR ROS. I hope there will be many others. I love your music!

  24. Wish I had a time machine… Well, since I don’t have one, only solution is to come back to us again… And again… And again… Preferably in Osijek! Hypnotizing experience, wonderful audiovisual synchronization, ethereal vocal performance… Takk!

  25. Amazing concert – music, visuals, technical aspect… the overall experience!
    I bought myself a plane ticket just so I can get back home in time for concert. After fews days of business trip and that recent flight I was really tired, but the concert brought me right back to life. When I first heard Ágætis byrjun, I couldn’t have imagined I’ll see such an amazing concert more than 15 years later. Thank you!

  26. I believe this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship….see you next year dear icelanders…

  27. “Takk” for taking us on a trip to Iceland and back. I came to see you guys from Bosnia, now for the 2nd time, see you again when you come back to this part of Europe

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