sigur rós 2017 tour

sónar festival
bogota, colombia

dec 2 2017



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takk bogotá! photo @_smores // #sonarbogota #sigurrósencolombia #sigurroslive @sonarbogota ...

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bogotá #sonarbogota #sigurrósencolombia photo @resolvefilm #sigurroslive ...

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tonight in colombia! #sigurrósencolombia #sonarbogota ...

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sidestage. #sonarbogota #sigurrósencolombia photo @resolvefilm ...

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takk bogotá, colombia and @sonarbogota -
photo @lauraey21 #sonarbogota #sigurroslive #sigurrósencolombia

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N.3 Sigur Rós ✔️ 🔅 Ny Batterí. #sigurrósencolombia ...

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Takk sigurros 🙏🏾🔝💜✨ #sonarbogota2017 #sigurrósencolombia ...

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  1. I just want to say thank you, for connect our hearts with your dreams. It was perfect and magical. Thank you

  2. Takk. You did it. It was perfect. I promise i will brake walls to be with you again.

  3. I just want to say that i’m still shocked and amazed by what i lived that night, that beautiful night! the moon, the stars, everything was perfect, cold and mystic love in the air, hope to see you again.
    . : . P U RE M A G I C . : .
    :) Thank you.

  4. No los conocía, y me lleve la mayor sorpresa, ha sido quizás la mejor experiencia a nivel sensorial, espero verlos nuevamente muy pronto, les agradezco y los felicito, su música parece transportarlo a otro mundo.

  5. i still wake up thinking about this concert after ten months and smiling, this was the best day of my life by far, many years passed waiting for you, this is something that all people have to live someday, thanks, come back soon

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