sigur rós 2017 tour

harpa concert hall (dec 28th)
reykjavík, iceland

dec 28 2017



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  1. Another special night. Topped off by not having a clue how to sing happy birthday in Icelandic!

  2. What a phenomenal night! The same songs same setlist but a different show! Some tweaks here and there made a lot. I’d say it was the best show :)
    Á was the most beacutiful ever, and the silent moment in middle of Festival was massive.
    Any plan on releaseing a DVD for the stage videos? Otherwise we can’t enjoy them next year?

  3. I saw Sigur Ros a coupe months ago but having the pleasure of seeing them perform in Iceland and at Harpa just felt that extra special. Cool venue and fantastic show by Sigur Rós, both in terms of music and also of the light show and atmosphere that it provided. I sadly did not know got to sing happy birthday to Jónsi’s sister in Icelandic but I was there in spirit. Really happy I went to nordur og nidur!

  4. This Sigur Ros concert was groundbreaking. I have never seen such a show. It set new standards. The performance, the sound, the stage, the lights, the artwork; awesome! Things will never be the same after this. Takk, takk, takk!

  5. Amazing show! Loved the lights and videos, and stage setup! I loke the setup of new songs before break and older hits after. Would have enjoyed an extra song after clapping in the end, especially if it had been Starálfur

  6. I flew to Iceland from Israel by myself just for this concert. It was without a doubt the most beautiful two hours of my life and by the end of it I was crying from the emotion. Thank you Sigur Ros, I hope you get to read this, thank you for giving me this experience, I will never forget it for as long as I live.

  7. Takk Jonsí, takk Georg, takk Orri! Takk for creating the idea of this fantastic NORÐUR OG NIÐUR Festival. Takk to all who helped organizing this festival in this outstanding location Harpa!
    We saw you 2017 at Tempodrom/Berlin, and decided, that we have to see you again in your home country and experience the feeling of Iceland.
    Both shows were audivisual gorgeous and breathtaking events. We will keep these precious moments in our hearts.
    Grace & Helmut from Germany ( )

  8. Since having been introduced to Sigur Rós through word of mouth back in 2001, the album ‘Ágætis byrjun’ hooked me from it’s beauty on the first listen. Sigur Rós, you are more than just my favourite band; your music is a very special and emotional part of my life. This concert was my 7th time to see you live and experiencing you from the front row in your home country was such a treat, especially the rage of the finale ‘Untitled 8 (Popplagið)’. I will remember and cherish it forever! Travelling from Ireland and seeing your countries landscape was an extra bonus, along with ‘humming’ to happy birthday for the real ‘Sigurrós’ :) Takk Takk for the beauty, the minimal, the classical, the silence, the anger and the creativity! The future is unwritten.

  9. I love you guys and all, but the setlist could have been slightly different than the rest of the tour. Would have loved Starlafur. But the set itself was AMAZING. Definitely worth the trip from USA! Especially since the bundle let me explore Iceland and may fuel me moving there. Thank you.

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