sigur rós 2017 tour

harpa concert hall (dec 29th)
reykjavík, iceland

dec 29 2017



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  1. Felt like Glosoli put on a new cloth in the ending part. Thanks for a memorable play!
    Now only one run to go and then another long waiting.. The time is coming. Hope Festival could play endlessly.

  2. Hi Sigur Rós,

    Missed you when you played in Moscow. I saw a glimpse of you at Primavera Sound a couple of years ago, but I was too far from the stage and too exhausted to even stand, my feet hurt like crazy after standing for hours at other bands shows and walking around Barcelona for hours on end.

    So as soon as I heard you would be playing in Reykjavik I booked the flight and the tickets to the show. The Nordur festival was a huge unexpected bonus as it was full of my favorite bands and artists. I hope that this is just a beginning!

    Anyway, I was blown away by your show and my wife nearly had a panic attack from all these apocalyptic guitar avalanches that I love so much. She will get into it eventually. The soundbath thing was also fantastic and a great new experience for me. I have missed your new vinyl records unfortunately, and I do hope those will be available for purchase later at some point.

    Thanks, and I hope to see you again with another Nordur.

  3. This show was the reason why 3 of us flew in all the way from Hong Kong (and myself from New York) to Reykjavik, and you did not disappoint. This is my third show on this current tour and the amazement did not diminish one bit. Now please put this festival/tour on vinyl, DVD, CD, VHS, Blu-Ray…do a boxset like you did with INNI because it is only what it deserves.

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