the valtari mystery film experiment

sigur rós have given a dozen filmmakers the same modest budget and asked them to create videos for their new album valtari. the filmmakers have complete creative freedom, the band completely unaware of what to expect. read more

film #5: ég anda by ramin bahrani


ramin bahrani

writer/director ramin bahrani’s films have premiered and screened at such festivals as venice, cannes, sundance, berlin and toronto. he has won numerous awards such as the fipresci prize for best film (man push cart, london; goodbye solo, venice), the "someone to watch" independent spirit award (chop shop), and was the recipient of a guggenheim fellowship. he collaborated with werner herzog on his short film plastic bag and recently directed a music video for sigur rós. in 2010 legendary american film critic roger ebert proclaimed bahrani as “the director of the decade.” his new film at any price with dennis quaid and zac efron will be released in 2012..