the valtari mystery film experiment

sigur rós have given a dozen filmmakers the same modest budget and asked them to create videos for their new album valtari. the filmmakers have complete creative freedom, the band completely unaware of what to expect. read more

film #10: ekki múkk by nick abrahams

directors commentary

a magical journey through an english field – this short is something of a taster for a feature film i have in development - a big thank you to everyone who threw themselves into this project, especially aidan gillen, tod the fox and shirley collins (the voice of the snail, who is one of britain's greatest folk singers, you could do worse than seeking out her work).

additional background commentary here:, and i-d online

nick abrahams

writer/director nick abrahams has collaborated with turner prize winning artist jeremy deller on 2 feature length films, one about depeche mode fans around the world, the other about the visionary eccentric bruce lacey. nick has also created pop videos for artists as diverse as stereolab, leftfield, huggy bear and the manic street preachers, and has collaborated with sigur rós on several previous film works. he is currently developing his first feature film project news from nowhere, and is working on some new artworks to be exhibited next year.