the valtari mystery film experiment

overall winner of the valtari film competition

everyone always says it's hard judging stuff, but 834 films?! it's safe to say this has been a difficult and at times divisive exercise. so much artistic endeavour! it's impressive and not a little bewildering. but, watching in shifts, each and every film was eventually adjudged and a shortlist drawn up. ultimately, when the shortlist of that shortlist could be winnowed down no more, instead of the promised three runners up we had five, since it would have been unfair to exclude any, exhibiting as they did absolutely different creative imperatives.

film #12: fjögur píanó by anafelle liu, dio lau and ken ngan

directors commentary

skinned is a restless self sculpturing of one's body. it is a glimpse of the corporeal unconscious, forever trapped in lacan's double sided mirror


performer: adrian heung
director: anafelle liu
story: dio lau
art director: dio lau
photographer: ken ngan
video photographer: lee kai ho
choreographer: cliff huen
editor: anafelle liu
hair & make up: cathy kwong
valtari film competition