valtari film competition


create an official video for sigur rós

sigur rós invited film makers and video directors to create an original video for one of the tracks from their new album valtari. in keeping with the mystery film experiment concept, the brief was completely open for entrants to take inspiration from the world around them to devise and execute a masterpiece.

winner selection

everyone always says it's hard judging stuff, but 834 films?! it's safe to say this has been a difficult and at times divisive exercise. so much artistic endeavour! it's impressive and not a little bewildering. but, watching in shifts, each and every film was eventually adjudged and a shortlist drawn up. ultimately, when the shortlist of that shortlist could be winnowed down no more, instead of the promised three runners up we had five, since it would have been unfair to exclude any, exhibiting as they did absolutely different creative imperatives.

overall winner

film #12: fjögur píanó by anafelle liu, dio lau and ken ngan


original, disturbing and simple, anafelle's video has a mesmerising and visceral quality that keeps you coming back. it was also probably pretty cheap and relatively easy to make, which is appealing since it reinforces the old notion that best ideas are often the least complicated. we think your film's great, thanks so much anafelle and whoever else is under all that whatever-it-is. anafelle receives $5,000 plus one of the now sold-out blankets, a t-shirt, art print and album.

directors commentary

skinned is a restless self sculpturing of one's body. it is a glimpse of the corporeal unconscious, forever trapped in lacan's double sided mirror

runners-up to overall winner

the five runners-up receiving t-shirts, art prints and albums are (in no order):

mystery film compeition

davide labanti: made almost entirely of just two shots, this is a strange an atmospheric piece with great casting and an unknowable story. fascinating. (view)

mystery film compeition

caroline fisher: another very simple and mysterious idea. who are the tree people and why are they doing that? are they even people? who knows? (view)

mystery film compeition

gonçalo soares: a big production number of sweeping ambition. beautifully executed and shot. (view)

mystery film compeition

jeff ray: a mini-movie that keeps you hanging on til the end. great performances too. (view)

mystery film compeition

billy hasbi: like anafelle's, this was a real one-off. imaginatively conceived and edited. nothing like anything you'd expect from a sigur rós video and none the worse for all that. (view)

thank you to everyone, everywhere who entered this competition. it really has been something else.

emma trant, senior director at talenthouse - we were so happy to work with sigur rós, parlophone/emi & xl and to host this opportunity for film makers. we had 834 submissions and were blown away by the quality. the commentary around submissions has been hugely positive and we are confident every single participant will make new connections and grow their influence from this opportunity. we wish anafelle liu, the overall winner, the very best of luck and hope this opportunity makes a real difference to her career going forward. we look forward to hearing more from her in the future. thank you again to sigur rós, parlophone/emi & xl, and all of the participants.

people's choice winner

film #11: dauðalogn by ruslan fedotow


five years ago when we launched a similar competition to make a film inspired by our icelandic tour film heima, we received 57 entries. at the time this seemed like a lot to assimilate and judge. this time almost one thousand people (or rather, one thousand teams of people) have poured theirs hearts and souls into a bewildering variety of films that has frankly threatened to overwhelm us. wow! people have entered from all corners of the globe, inspiring us with so many and varied interpretations of the band's music. and, without wanting to get too dewy-eyed, it really has been a humbling experience. thank you one and all for your truly amazing efforts.

this first winning entry, the people's choice, is chosen by popular vote on the competition site. ruslan fedotow's film is surely a deserving winner being exquisitely executed, deeply atmospheric and ultimately inscrutable. it hadn't been our intention to feature the people's choice in the pantheon of mystery film experiment on the site, but it is beyond doubt that this film is more than worthy of inclusion.