the valtari mystery film experiment

sigur rós have given a dozen filmmakers the same modest budget and asked them to create videos for their new album valtari. the filmmakers have complete creative freedom, the band completely unaware of what to expect. read more

film #13: varðeldur by clare langan

director's comments

the film explores the fragility of the human condition, frozen somewhere between life and death. shot with a high-speed camera, a human figure and water defy the laws of gravity. there is no clear distinction between dream and reality and the space that the film and the music create becomes a submersive world.

clare langan

clare langan is an irish artist who works in photography, film, and video installation. her work has been shown internationally in museums and biennales, including moma new york, tate liverpool, uk, 25th sao paulo biennale, brazil, singapore biennale 2008, the irish museum of modern art, dublin and the metropolitan museum of photography, tokyo. she won the principle prize at the 2007 oberhausen international film festival, germany, for her film metamorphosis.

this is her second film project with sigur rós – í gær was part of becks fusions at the ica, london 2007. she is currently completing two new film projects shot on two distinctively different islands, montserrat , west indies and skeillig michael, ireland. / /