the valtari mystery film experiment

sigur rós have given a dozen filmmakers the same modest budget and asked them to create videos for their new album valtari. the filmmakers have complete creative freedom, the band completely unaware of what to expect. read more

film #15: varúð by björn flóki

director's comments

when i listen to varúð i feel this overlap and struggle between sadness and beauty, between darkness and light. an overwhelming feeling of being buried in darkness but being just barely able to escape into the light, if you try hard enough. this is the feeling i've tried to bring to the video.

a huuuuge thanks to the cruz twins and to crew for kicking so much ass with the limited resources we had, in conditions that were not the easiest. i'm in awe of you guys!

the making of varúð - photos

björn flóki

born in iceland in 1982, björn flóki got his first camera on his 8th birthday. he's been taking photos and making videos ever since. in april 2000 he co-created the sigur rós website, which he still co-manages today.

björn recently finished his graduate film studies in new york city and is currently developing his documentary 'drag dad,' a film about a 24 year old single father supporting his family as a professional drag queen performer. björn now resides in seattle with his boyfriend and co-creator of varúð, pétur valsson.